Thursday, 24 January 2008

Chapter 43

Tico bounded up the stairs to her room like a man half his age. His dick was already jumping with the thought of plunging into her again. His hand wandered up over her ass, damn fine ass she had, nice and full.

‘Unless you’re planning on doing me in five seconds flat, I’d lay off my arse miel.’ He heard the want and passion rising in her voice. It had dropped and sounded husky. Aw hell, he prayed he’d last at least long enough to get her off.

‘But luz de mi vida, (light of my life) I want to be in you so badly I can taste it. I want to take you hard and fast, then slow, pushing in a little at a time. Till I am buried deep within you, till we are nearly one body. Would you deny me that?’ His normal deep growl was so raspy now it made the hairs on her whole body stand on end. She felt the pull of her womb and the wetness begins to pool. How the hell could you say no to that kind of feeling.

‘No.’ she said in a breathless whisper, ‘No miel I could never deny you that.’

As the words left her mouth they reached her bedroom. He walked in and closed the door with just a tiny snick. He felt her shiver with anticipation, his dick grew harder.

Flicking on the light he walked to the edge of her bed and slid her down, lowering her to it. She scooted over, but he shook his head. ‘I think we need to remove a bit of clothing querido!’ His voice lower than she’d ever heard it, her nipples puckered, and she swore her panties and jeans would show how much she wanted him right this second.

He leant over and gently pushed up her jeans and unzipped her boots tossing them aside, he laughed, ‘Damn talk about de ja view! I remember doing something like this last night, but I don’t think I took the time to enjoy what I’d uncovered.’ He kissed the inside of her ankle, nibbling it, and placing kisses up her calf as far as the jeans allowed.

Al thought she’d died and gone to heaven. She never realised how sensitive and erotic it was to have someone do that to your calf. She purred deep in her throat. He’d let go of that foot and picked up the other, proceeding to do exactly the same to that too. She squirmed, damn he was good.

Tico knelt on the end of the bed, then like a sleek muscled panther, he started to crawl up the bed. Al gulped. He didn’t stop, but continued till he was poised above her looking down into those dark emerald eyes of hers. He leant down, looking like he was going to kiss her, she waited, breath coming faster. At the last minute he swerved and attached himself to her awaiting breasts through the white silk shirt. She gasped and arched her back, nearly screaming when he gently bit his prize. He did exactly the same to the other. Raising his head he looked at the two wet patches he’d caused, then grinned at Al, ‘Least tonight we can take it slowly.’

He grunted as she thrust her hips and somehow flipped him so he was on his back and she was on top of him! ‘Miel, slowly is not in my vocabulary at this minute in time. I want you now!’ She sat onto her haunches and ground herself down onto him. Tico went hot, red hot. Damn this woman knew what she wanted, and fuck if it wasn’t him! He was a lucky bastard! He grinned and Al frowned, ‘What’s amusing you miel?’ Her fingers slowly unbuttoning his shirt, and the black bra appeared more fully.

It was Tico’s turn to gulp, his hands tightening on her thighs, his thumbs caressing her zipper. ‘Nothing querido, it just continues to surprise me that you want me.’ He licked his lips as the shirt was finally undone and thrown across the room. He felt himself, if possible, get harder.

Al stopped and looked down at him, his eyes glazed with passion, ‘¿Aw, por qué usted me duda le deseó? Usted es el hombre que he deseado para sobre un cuarto de un siglo. Quisiera sí que el redoblante de un grupo de la roca mirara mi manera. Pero después de una década o así pues, deseé a hombre. El hombre veo la mentira debajo de mí, con su negro de los ojos casi de desearme. Usted mi sensación querida como la otra mitad de mi alma. Y me siento agradecido que podemos tener esta ocasión de ver si tengo razón.’ (Aw, why do you doubt I want you? You're the man I've wanted for over a quarter of a century. Yes I wanted the drummer of a rock group to look my way. But after a decade or so, I wanted the man. The man I see lying under me, with his eyes nearly black from wanting me. You my darling feel like the other half of my soul. And I feel grateful that we can have this chance to see if I'm right.)

Tico could hardly breathe with the emotion he felt. He’d never felt so connected to one person before as he did with Al. ‘Mujer del dios, usted sabe lo que usted hace a mí que dice cosas como eso?’ ('God woman, do you know what you do to me saying things like that?')

With a deep throated laugh, she gently shifted her hips, ‘Tico, I can feel what I’m doing to you miel.’ She laughed again and leant over and kissed him gently on the lips.

Tico felt a loud rumbling and thought Al had gone all primeval on him. He realise it wasn’t. ‘Darlin, what the hell’s that?’

‘That sweetie is your brothers taking my babies out, sounds like someone’s taken Killer out.’ She smirked.


‘Yeah the Buell! He roars. Hmmm someone’s got the Mustang too. If they break it they’ve brought it!’ She grinned evilly.

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LOL, the more I read, the more I'm loving Al. A Buell? Oh yeah!

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