Friday, 18 January 2008

Chapter 41

Tico got down onto his knees, damn they cracked something awful. He gently reached forward and moved the bit of hair that had fallen over her eyes. ‘Querido, hey cosa dulce. Tiempo a despertar!’ (Darling, hey sweet thing. Time to wake up!) She sighed but never fluttered even an eyelash. Looking over the sofa he checked out where his bros were. Then looking down on her lips he sighed, leaned down and gently place his lips on hers. He ran his tongue over them, her mouth opened in response, he deepened the kiss. She moaned in her sleep, her hands coming up and into his hair so she could deepen the kiss.

He scooted onto the sofa with her and she plastered herself to him, still not opening her eyes. Al’s subconscious letting her enjoy this erotic dream, masterful hands slipping onto hot skin, moving from her stomach to her breast. She moaned deep in her throat, wanting the hand to cup her. She thought she heard someone say ‘Fuck!’ and snickering after it.

As the hand enclosed her breast, ‘THWAK’ David hit the cue ball, and her eyes jerked open! She was looking into those beautiful brown eyes again; they were nearly black with desire. ‘¡El amperio hora así que mi ángel finalmente despierta!’ (Ah so my angel finally wakes up!) Her green eyes deepened into a dark emerald filled with lust. Her breasts were heaving from her desire.

‘Intenté despertarle hablando con usted a querido, pero usted no tenía cualquiera de él. Hice tan la mejor cosa siguiente.’ (I did try to wake you by talking to you darling, but you weren't having any of it. So I did the next best thing.)

‘¿Usted está diciendo tan que usted copping una sensación con sus hermanos el otro lado de este sofá es su manera de conseguir mi atención?’ (So you're saying that you copping a feel with your brothers the other side of this sofa is your way of getting my attention?)

Grinning evilly, he just nodded and slanted his lips over hers again, his hand continuing his ministrations to her breast. She arched her back to thrust it more into his hand. God she felt hot and wet for him, and knowing the others were in the room added just a little excitement to it.

She tugged his burns and he raised his head and looked at her questioningly. ‘Le sugiero miel de la desaceleración. No hay manera que usted va a conseguir cualquier cosa mientras que su adentro el cuarto. ¡Aligere tan para arriba, o movamos esto a mi sitio!’ (I suggest you slow down honey. There is NO way you're gonna get anything while their in the room. So lighten up, or let's move this to my room!) She grinned at him.

‘Awwww fuck their talkin Spanish again! David whined.

On the sofa Al felt her face flame, and buried her face in Tico’s neck. Against her chest she felt his shake with laughter. Getting swiftly to his feet he offered a hand to her, which she accepted, and he pulled her to her feet and back into his arms.

‘Well if you’d have showed any interest in the last twenty odd years to learn the damn language you might just have a fuckin clue C.D!’ Al snapped her face still red. The others laughed at him, ‘Hey bozos the same can be said of you too!’

That shut them up.

Tico started to steer Al towards the door.

Jon blocked their escape. ‘Where do you think you two are going?’ A big ass grin on his face.

‘Where you guys aren’t!’ Tico snapped. Al just grinned at Jon; she knew why he wanted them to stay.

‘Al darlin, I’ll let you two go get down and dirty when you tell me what you’ve decided.’

Playing with him, ‘About what Jon?’ She plastered a totally confused look on her face as she looked up at him, head cocked to one side.

‘You know damn well what, and until you cough you ain’t getting him in your pants lady!’ Tico nearly choked, Richie and David went off laughing their asses of, and Hugh just stood shaking his head.

‘Well, what you say Alice darlin?’ Blue eyes met bright green ones.

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