Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Chapter 45

She awoke slowly several hours later, a slight ache and tenderness between her thighs. Damn he’d really made up for falling asleep on her the night before. She could feel him curled in behind her, his arm loosely holding her. Checking the clock she realised it was well after three. Least the guys would have gone back to the hotel by now.

Nature was calling so she lifted his arm; he snorted and grunted but carried on sleeping. Al grinned. She went to the bathroom and took care of business. Looking in the mirror that wanton woman was staring back again. Lips puffy, hair looking like someone had played with it for a few days. And there, just between neck and collar bone, a hickie!!!! Well shit, been branded. She grinned like a mad woman.

Walking back out, she stood staring down at Tico, who’d now turned fully onto his front, the sheet resting just on the rise of his ass. She could feel herself start to drool, what an ass! I need a drink she thought. Grabbing a pure silk kimono she threw it on and headed downstairs, not bothering with lights.

Padding into the kitchen she headed for the fridge, leaning in and pulling out a carton of orange juice, she uncapped it and drank straight from the carton, and jumped six foot in the air.

‘Didn’t your mom tell you never to drink from the carton Al.’ a laughing voice asked from the darkness of the lounge.

Stifling a scream and OJ dripping down her chin she turned and realised there was more than one man sat at the fire. ‘Fuckin hell! What the hell are you lot doing here?’ She gapped at Richie, Jon and David all sat there in what looked like boxers and open shirts, wiping her chin.

‘Well now darlin, you did say we could move in.’ David said.

‘So we did!’ Smirked Jon, all the guys enjoying the picture she made with the light behind her, the robe not really hiding much. ‘We went off in the car, Hugh loves the Buell by the way, and he’s already hit the hay. We went to the hotel, packed up and checked out. Pissed Mike off no end. Tony’s thrown a bitch fit that we’ve screwed with the security at two am, they’ll deal with it. Loaded up the Mustang, threw the rest of our gear into other cars and moved in.’ He nodded to loads of stuff still downstairs in the hall way.

‘Bloody hell! How long are you staying?’ She couldn’t believe the amount of stuff they had.

‘What we’ve taken most of our stuff upstairs.’ Richie commented.

‘And I thought women over packed!’ She rolled her eyes, finally closing the fridge door.

‘Hey we’re on tour.’ Jon defended their junk.

‘Looks more like you’ve brought home with you!’ She laughed, walking over and curling up on the other end of the sofa Richie was sprawled out on. He moved his feet a little so she could sit then promptly put his feet in her lap.


‘What you want to butt in on my sofa, you pay the price.’

In retaliation she whizzed her nails up the sole and he jumped and yanked his feet away.

‘No fair!’ He yelped.

‘My home, my sofa, your problem is?’ Grinning at him, he tried on the puppy eyes, she snorted unladylike.

They all started to talk, chatting about life in general. Al listened intently and found out some secrets, how things had happened with the ex’s. How they were handling all being single again this late in life. David went and made some coca and they were all content and relaxed. One fleeting thought she had was here she sat with some of the hottest men about, and all she was wearing was her robe. Damn, she made sure it wasn’t gaping and the belt was tight.

Richie’s feet had made it back into Al’s lap, and being someone who liked other peoples feet, she’d started the rub and massage them while talking, not really noticing what she was doing.

Richie though he’d died and gone to heaven, she had wonderful hands. Kneading in all the right places, it was taking all his concentration not to groan in ecstasy. He glanced over and noticed Jon watching him enviously, he grinned and Jon flicked him the finger.

‘Well ain’t this fuckin cosy!’ A growl came from the stairs, making them all start.

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Opester said...

Just loving this-I am having so much fun here with all the guys! (don't I wish!)