Thursday, 17 January 2008

Chapter 40

‘Wow pretty plush down here for a basement. Where’s your woman Teek?’ Hugh asked.

‘Fucked if I know.’ Came the growl.

Jon opened the door nearest him, ‘Shit she’s got a fuckin cinema in here!’ His jaw nearly hit the ground. ‘Why’d she just tell us it’s a basement?’ He shook his head.

‘Probably she had an inkling that we’d really not want to leave.’ Hugh pointed out.

Tico in the mean time opened the other door and hit the light switch, revealing it was a garage and had several cars and bikes in it.

There stood Al’s babies. She had a silver Chevrolet convertible C5, behind that a black Ford Mustang 351c 1971, red leather interior, you could feel the testosterone building. Jon lifted a cover and found a red Buell 1125R bike. Damn this woman liked her toys. There was another cover which had a car underneath it. He pulled the cover off and there stood a cherry red 1956 Mercury Montclair convertible. All the guys drooled. ‘Teek, if you don’t want her, I’ll take her off your hands. Damn I love this woman.’ Jon huffed out. Tico flipped him off.

She had some hot cars in here. There were another couple, one a BMW and a small Ford that looked the most used. ‘I’ve gotta ask how the hell does she get them out and onto the street?’ Richie piped up, eyeing the Chevy lovingly.

‘Well when we find her ya can ask her.’ Growled Tico, he was getting frustrated that she wasn’t there.

Heading back out the door they all moved on mass to the last door. Opening it David let out a whistle, ‘Damn Jonny boy this place looks waaay better than the Shoe! It’s better decorated too.’ They all chuckled and agreed. ‘Ok whose breaking.’ He headed to the pool table.

‘Shhh …Hey Teek looky what I’ve found.’ Hugh whispered beckoning them over.

They all crowded at the back of the sofa and looked down. ‘Ah man she’s so damn cute when she’s not nailing us!’ Richie snickered.

Teek looked down at her and it felt like a fist hit his gut. She was lying on the sofa, one hand resting on her stomach, the other flung above her head in abandonment. One leg tucked under the other knee, the other straight out. Her top bunched revelling a little of her stomach. His eyes flew to his brothers, all their eyes snapped up and away from that glimpse of smooth flesh, all trying to not look guilty of having a quick perv.

‘Well bro she’s your sleeping beauty, so you gonna wake her granddad Charming.’ Jon asked, as the others snickered.

Tico glanced once more at Al. Ah fuck it he wanted to do what Jon suggested, but without and audience. ‘Yeah, fuck off!’

The four guys turned in unison and laughed themselves to the pool table. Jon swerving to go behind the bar and check what she’d got on tap and in the fridge.

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