Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Chapter 38

‘Jon, have you lost your fuckin mind?’ Richie demanded. He couldn’t believe his bro, the poor woman had just unloaded all that info, and Jon had callously swept it aside and ask to move in!

‘Nope I’ve not.’ Jon looked at Al.

He noticed a slight twitch of her lips. Tico was ranting in Spanish. She lay a hand on his arm, ‘Miel, calm down you’re going to have a heart attack. Richie, please don’t hit Jon. David, Hugh, sit down! Jon, I have to ask what makes you think I’d let you lot in here? Really I want to know. And why do you want in? Boys hush!’ The table quieted.

Jon looked her in the eye. ‘Well lil darlin, I’m tired. Tired of hotels! Tired of people who look through me! I hate the blandness of living out of a suitcase, in rooms that all look the damn same. Your home is like a breath of fresh air. It’s big enough for us to not fall the hell over each other. We need to get out of the hotel and into a place that is loved. I think you’d let us in because we need a home, not a place to crash. We’ve been on the road for months and not due to hit America for at least another month. If you let us invade your privacy we would use this as a base. We can fly to Ireland; do the two shows there, then fly back that night. We could come home, not another no name room! Plus the fans wouldn’t have a hope in hell of finding us. We could relax, be ‘normal’ here, like I was when shooting the Leading Man. It was wonderful being able to do that. But it’s up to you.’

All the guys, even Tico listen to what he was saying and realised that he was right. They were all getting antsy. Hotels were ok for a few months, but after nearly ten, they lost the shine. All eyes went to Al.

‘I need a drink and to think.’ She got up went to the kitchen poured a glass of wine, then went back passed them, no one said anything as she did this. She went into the studio. Tico thought she’d gone to immerse herself in painting. He’d give her a minute then follow.

‘Well Kidd, you better fuckin hope she don’t kick our asses to the kerb.’ Richie snarled and went for more coffee. ‘Cause if she does I’m gonna beat you within an inch of your life!’

The other three nodded in agreement. Tico was smiling at the thought. Jon winced praying she wouldn’t, he like his face just fine as it was. And Richie’s punch could put you out for days.

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