Sunday, 20 January 2008

Chapter 42

Al left the safety of Tico’s arms and sauntered towards Jon. Toe to toe with him she crooked her finger at him, beckoning him down to her level. He grinned and leant down to her. Al put her hand on the back of his neck, her fingers delving into his hair, having a quick feel of his locks! Hell she was only female. She drew him down so her lips were at his ear.

Jon swallowed wondering what he’d left himself open for; knee to the family jewels flew through his mind. A slight sheen appeared on his forehead.

Al licked her lips, and caught his ear, repaying him for last nights little stunt, she felt him stiffen, and grinned a look of pure evil glinted in her eyes. Whispering she said to him, ‘I tell you now Mr. Bongiovi, you so much as look smug I’ll rescind my invitation to stay at my home. And I expect you to butt the fuck out of Tico and mines love life. Got it shnookums?!’ She gently applied her grip to his hair, Jon winced. Richie noticed and wondered what the hell she was saying, or doing to him.

As he went to straighten, she held tight, ‘And I’m telling you, this place will be kept tidy, you will clean up after yourselves, I am not a maid. And if I find any bras or knickers that don’t belong to me, your ass will not meet the kerb. Do I make myself clear honey?’ With that she let him go and he straightened. Her hand slid to his chest and rested there, flexing her fingers, her nails scratching his skin, warning him.

All the guys realised Jon had a stunned look in his eyes, and seemed slightly unsure of himself. They’d never seen that before. This five foot nothing of a woman seemed to be able to bring people to their knees, whoever they were.

‘Well?’ Richie asked he couldn’t wait to see what she’d said, he prayed it was yes. ‘Earth to Jon, hey, what did she say?’ He looked like an over excited puppy. A bloody big one!

Jon looked down at this feisty woman, he looped his arms over her shoulders, hands linking behind her head, leaning down he dropped a kiss onto her lips, lingering slightly, till he heard Tico start to mutter. He felt her nails flex deeper into his chest and winced, her meaning clear. Chuckling he broke the kiss, pulled her into a bear hug, making her squeak a little. ‘Guys someone wants to tell the driver we need to leave?’

‘Awww shit Jonny boy, she didn’t give into your famous charms! Damn!’ David moaned.

He moved Al so she stood at his side; he looped an arm back over her shoulders. ‘Yeah, seems we need to go back to the hotel, pack and check the hell out!’ He waited.

The guys whooped with glee, like little boys. David, Richie and Hugh all high fived each other, grinning like loons.

‘Holy crap she said yes! Al you won’t regret it. We’ll be good. Honestly!’ Richie said using the puppy dog eyes making her roll hers.

She pulled away from Jon; so far she’d not seen any trace of his smug look. Inside she giggled, he believed her! Well frak! Really, what woman would be stupid enough to say no to having all these wonderful men staying with her.

Walking over to Tico, ‘El querido I piensa que es tiempo que continuamos nuestra discusión anterior. La necesidad de los muchachos de hablar.’ (Darling I think it's time we continued our earlier discussion. The boys need to talk.) She smirked at him.

‘Mi amor, usted va a tener que decirme lo que usted dijo a Jon. Él tiene una mirada extraña en su cara. ¿Usted zap lo con sus energías mi ángel?’ (My love, you are going to have to tell me what you said to Jon. He's got a weird look on his face. Did you zap him with your powers my angel?)

‘¡Bien, si usted desea hablar de Jon, en vez de ir arriba a mi dormitorio, y de la fabricación amor lento, caliente, apasionado, podemos hacer!’ (Well, if you want to talk about Jon, instead of going upstairs to my bedroom, and making slow, hot, passionate love, we can do!)

She squealed in delight as he, once again, flipped her over his strong shoulders and started to carry her out or the games room.

‘Teek, you realise she’s going to either get so pissed of you doing that she’ll leave ya, or expect it 24/7!’ Jon laughed at Al hanging upside down. Nice view of her curvy ass though.

‘Don’t care man, just need to leave now! She says you guys need to talk. I’ll be down later and we can go check out and move in!’ With that he turned on his heel and continued to the door.

‘Wait!’ She panted and laughed, ‘Jon, tell them my conditions to staying here! Ok miel off you go. Bye fellas see you later.’ They heard her dirty laugh as Tico finally went out the door.

The four men had big grins on their faces.

‘Erm, Jon, when are you going to tell her about the kids flying in?’ David asked quietly.

‘After Tico’s finished keeping makin her happy, and about an hour before the plane lands in four days time. Should have made ourselves right at home by then, she won’t kick us out.’ He grinned.

‘You have spent the last twenty four hours with the same woman we have, haven’t you?’ Richie asked. Suddenly Richie broke into a run after them. ‘Al!!!!!!’

‘Aw for god’s sake, what?!’

‘Erm darlin how the hell do you get your cars out, and baby, where’s the keys? Pretty please, with sugar on top.’

‘How old are you?’ She rolled her eyes, ‘Behind the door, open panel, hit the switch marked ‘door’, keys should be in there too and marked for each car.’ Tico started to walk up the stairs, ‘You dent or scratch any of my babies and your ass will be mine!’ The last word reached his ears as the door sprang shut after them.

‘Ok who the hell wants to go for a ride?’ Richie snickered as he heard yelps of three grown men all trying to fit through a door at the same time.

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