Saturday, 29 December 2007

Chapter 34

The guys returned to the couches, Hugh had got the fire going and they were feeling warm and cosy.

Jon had sat next to Tico on purpose. ‘Teek?’

‘Hmmm.’ The sleepy reply came as he drank from his bottle.

‘Do you think we could talk Al into letting us move here while we’re here?’

Tico choked on his drink, Jon pounded his back.

‘What the fuck do you mean, move in? You’re always the cautious one, and now you want to move into someone’s house! Who are you and what have you done with my brother?’ He couldn’t believe what Jon was suggesting. ‘Plus WTF do you think she’d say? We’ve only just met the woman! Do you really want to fuck this up for me before its even started?’ He was pissed! Jon must have lost his mind completely.

‘Calm down Teek you’ll bust a gut if you’re not careful! It’s just that I’ve never walked into a place, except my Jersey home, and felt so comfortable and well, relaxed. I know it’s mad; she’s a fan for god’s sake! But, hell I don’t know, I just feel like I could enjoy the time away from hotels. Aw shit, just fuckin shoot me!’ His head flopped back onto the couch and he closed his eyes.

Al’s laugh floated across to them and they looked to see her and Richie laughing at something he was doing.

‘See she just fits right in with us. She’s not even acting like a typical fan. Hell she’s given us all grief and joked the hell outta us too. I like her! We’ve only got another week here, well three if you count the two weeks off before we fly home and start the concerts there. I would love to be able to enjoy home cooked food and kickback during the evenings. It’s just a thought. Plus you’d get to spend hell of a lot more time with her!’ He dangled the line and wait to see if Teek hooked on.

‘Kidd, even if you didn’t try to move us in, I’d still see her as much as she’d let me! He knew Jon was trying to land him, but he’d got no intention of leaving Al when the guys went back to the hotel. He wanted to talk and learn about her, and maybe show her he wouldn’t just crash after making love to her!

‘FOOD!’ Richie hollered as he and Al started to bring the food out.

There was a mass exodus from the couches to the table. They made sure Al was at the head of the table with Tico sat on her left, Richie as helper sat on her right, and the others just grabbed a chair and dug into the groaning table.

The boys attacked the food like they’d never eaten before. Moans of pleasure coming from them as the steaks melted onto their tongues.

A light chatter floated about the table, but mainly silence as they continued to eat.


Opester said...

I am just loving this-it's just too much fun! I always loved Tico second only to Jon! But you really have captured them at their best- what an wesome fantasy this is!

Joviswoman said...

Thanks it's nice to know it's being read and taken in fun as I wanted it to be!