Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 28

After wandering about the studio she took them on a tour of the downstairs. Jon told her if she wanted to sell it, he wanted to be the first in line. Al told him, nope she wasn’t selling, ever!

While in the kitchen she asked if they wanted a drink, they all settled on beer.

‘What about upstairs?’ Richie piped up.

‘You seriously want the full tour?’ She couldn’t believe these guys.

They all shook theirs heads and grinned. Sighing she led them upstairs, Tico directly behind her, and drooling.

Reaching the second floor she veered away from the master bedroom to the main walk way. This ran the length of the upper story. To the right you could look over the balcony and into the room below. The chandelier fell from the roof straight passed the balcony and into the room below.

To the left there were four good size bedrooms, all with en suites. And all decorated in Al’s taste. At the far end was her office. On every wall they’d seen so far where paintings. Hugh had asked if they were hers. Blushing she nodded yes. He told her he loved them.

On the right hand side after the balcony, were two larger bedrooms, and one smaller room, again with en suites.

She hesitated to take them into her bedroom. Tico noticed and wondered why. ‘¿Querido cuál es incorrecto?’ (Darling, what’s wrong?)

‘Nada realmente, es justo que tengo algo de mi trabajo de arte en mi sitio. Eso podía tener un factor embarazoso todos nosotros.’ (Nothing really, it's just that I have some of my art work in my room. That could have an embarrassing factor to all of us.)

The men behind them rolled their eyes at each other. They knew something was wrong, but not sure what.

‘Amor no puede ser ese malo. Le digo lo que porqué usted no me toma adentro primero y no me deja ser el juez de cómo será el desconcierto de él.’ (Sweetheart it can't be that bad. I tell you what why don't you take me in first and let me be the judge of how embarrassing it will be.)

Sighing Al knew she wasn’t going to get away with missing out her room. ‘Ok, we’ll do it your way miel. (Honey)

Tico looked at the guys. ‘Look, Al’s not sure if she wants you idiots in her room, so I’m gonna go in and take a look, any problems with that?’ He glared at Richie, who he knew could be an ass about this.

Jon elbowed Richie as he went to start in, ‘Nope, we’ll just check our rooms out more thoroughly.’ He grinned evilly at Al whose head had snapped up. Tico grabbed her hand and dragged her away before anything was said.

Opening the door they went in.


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