Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 27

Tico couldn’t believe that from the outside it looked rundown and unloved. Then you walk through the door and BAM! light and space. It was fantastic. ‘Sorry querido, I just can’t get over this place, it’s wonderful.’ He walked over and kissed her.

‘Wonderful! It’s fuckin fantastic.’ Richie said. His eye had been drawn to the chandelier. He stared at it in amazement.

Jon couldn’t believe what he was seeing, his ideal home. Well after his Jersey home. He could see himself kicking back in front of a roaring fire, damn that fireplace was big! He couldn’t wait to explore the rest of Al’s home. ‘Do we get the tour darlin?’ He pouted at her, and she laughed.

‘Well I suppose I could stretch to one.’ Keeping her arm about Tico she walked them to her studio in the corner. ‘Before I let you in here, just to let you know I don’t normally let people in here.

They guys all looked serious and followed her through the open door, wondering what was in there.

Tico was in hog heaven when she switched on the lights it lit the room like daylight. It was cleverly designed. Then he realized there were canvases stacked against a wall and an easel with half a painting on it. ‘Holy shit! You paint?’

Whistles came from the others as they filed in.

‘Yeah a little.’ Al blushed to the roots of her hair. Her friends knew she painted, but they’d never been allowed in here.

‘More than a little querido. These are wonderful.’ Tico said going through all the stacked canvases.

Richie was taken up with the potters’ wheel and the kiln that she also had.

David was the first to realise there was another door. ‘Hey Al what’s in here?’ His hand was already turning the door handle. ‘Holy crap!’ His jaw nearly hitting the floor! Inside was a state of the art darkroom.

Tico pushed passed him and looked slightly stunned. ‘You think you’ve got enough stuff?’

‘I think so. But if there’s something missing, let me know.’ She laughed at the boys expressions.

‘So I was right, you can use that camera of yours.’ Jon smirked.

‘Yeah I do alright.’

‘Hey what’s in here?’ Hugh Asked.

‘Oh that leads to the basement.’ Al shrugged it off. Not letting on she’d installed a mini cinema and games room down there. If they were around for a while, she’d tell them.

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