Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 23

Tico tried to see past the damn lights but to no avail. He knew she was still here, Obie had told him, but he needed to see her. Damn she was addictive.

They finished the song and walked to the couches, he spotted her lurking off to on side, camera in hand. She waved and he waved back grinning.

They sat and Frank started to ask them about the tour and life as single guys. Over the last couple of years they’d all gone through divorces, David first, closely followed by Richie. Six months later they were shocked to the core when Dot asked for a divorce. Two months later Tico started divorce proceedings too. Luckily for him, he and David weren’t in the spotlight like the other two, and after a brief flurry of media attention they pretty much left him alone.

Time marched on and here they were, in the middle of another tour, all single, the women in the audience screamed, they guys laughed.

‘Ok guys, you rocked Wembley last night.’ More screaming, ‘I have a question for you. Who’s Al and what relation is she to you guys?’ He speared Jon with a look. ‘Don’t try and deny you have a woman with you, she’s over there.’ He flicked his hand in her direction, and the camera panned to her, showing her on the back screen, looking gob smacked and bright red.

Tico wanted to nail his ass, but David put a hand on him, and squeezed, Tico relaxed a little.

‘Well damn Frank, side swipe me why don’tcha.’ Jon flashed a killer smile into the camera.

‘Come on man, spill. I’m not sure which of you guys she’s with. You’ve all been at some point or other, around her, kissing and cuddling her, this afternoon. So what’s the scoop?’ He leered into the camera.

Al stood their mortified, how could he. He seemed to imply she was the band whore! Then she realised Mike and another security guard had appeared either side of her. Mike laid a comforting hand on her shoulder. Leaning down he said into her ear, ‘Breathe darlin, and just breathe. Jon and the boys will handle it.’

Jon looked at Teek; he looked about ready to throttle Frank. Catching his eye he raised his brow in question.

Teek nodded at him. ‘Well now Frank I think I’d better pass you over to the man whose heart she’s got wrapped about her little finger.’ With that they all stood up, the audience laughing at their prank.

Al put her face into her hands and laughed. Lord they were wonderful.

‘Ok, come on let’s be serious here, we just want to know about her.’ Frank looked at them in exasperation as they sat back down grinning.

‘Ok, Teek you wanna take this?’

Frank’s eyes flew to Tico, so that was it.

‘The lady in question is Al. She’s from UK.’ A cheer went up from everyone. ‘I met her last night, and I’m trying to get to know her, but I had to come here and so we dragged her with us.’ He glared at Frank, not caring if he looked mean. He prayed it would be enough for him.

‘But all of you guys seem to like her?’ He slimed again.

Richie jumped into the fray, ‘Frank, look at her, she’s beeeeautiful! But she’s only got eyes for Tico; even Jon shakin his ass in front of her had no affect on her.’ He feigned a shocked face and the audience laughed. ‘Even I didn’t get a look in.’ He gave the puppy dog eyes, and all the women ahhed.

‘We think she is a wonderful lady, she has a killer sense of humour, she can cope with us lot. We flirt with her and try to make Teek jealous, but that’s as far as it goes. And she seems to make the old man happy!’ Richie ducked as Tico went to punch him.

Al laughed; damn she loved these men, so protective and caring.

They made it clear they wouldn’t talk any more about Al and the rest of the interview and the last song went passed quickly. After they’d finished they signed autographs and had pictures took with the audience, laughing and joking. Frank wandered about talking to them and back slapping and joking ensued. But the guys gave him the cold shoulder when he tried to talk to them.

He went across to Al, who straightened, not knowing what was going to happen. Both Mike and his friend stiffened beside her.

‘Hey Al, look I just want to say I’m sorry for what went off, and no hard feelings? I have a producer who seemed to think the show needed a bit of spice, and unfortunately you were it.’ He grinned endearingly at her.

‘Oh, I see, so its not your show?’ She glared up at him.

‘Yes it is.’ He looked confused, bless him.

‘So why the fuck did you rake all this crap out? Hmm. Do you not own a set of balls? I think Mr. Skinner, you do what the fuck you want to do, and in this instance it meant screwing over people who liked you! You could have ignored all the joking about, the kissing and hugging, but no you smelt a story and went after it. Not caring who you hurt or embarrassed in the process. And you can stuff your lousy apology!’

She turned and walked off towards Tico.

Mike menaced Frank who soon moved off.

A smattering of applause came from the audience and crew alike.

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sunstreaked said...

I just LOVE Al! She is SO not impressed with all the celebrity crap!