Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Chapter 33

Each of the guys had a big grin on their faces, home cooked meal. They salivated at the thought. Whatever she cooked would be gone in seconds flat, they missed home cooked meals the most, well after the kids. But being male, food was a main priority.

‘So what shall we have? I’ve got steaks in the fridge, salmon, and ribs. So, what’s it gonna be?’

They guys groaned, looked at one another and all said ‘Steak!’ Al cracked out laughing, and her head dove into the fridge to bring out all the fixings she’d need.

Richie asked what he could do to help. The others nodded too. ‘Well honey, I know Jon here can’t cook unless its grilled cheese sandwich.’ This caused the others to laugh at Jon’s hurt and injured look. ‘Well is it, or is it not true blondie?’

‘Well fuck you can tell she’s a fan can’t you?’ Jon rolled his eyes as the others carried on laughing. ‘It’s true, I don’t cook! Does this mean you’re not gonna feeeeeeed us?’ He pouted prettily.

Al laughed, ‘Nah I’ll still feed you.’ Jon smiled his mega watt killer smile and she blinked, and then swallowed.

‘Jon for Christ sake, will ya stop blindin her with your pearlies! She’s female and still affected by that smile, now stop it she’s mine!’ Teek all but growled at him. Throwing his arm about Al he brought her in a kissed her senseless, taking her mind away from Jon and that smile. It worked; she wound her arms about him and kissed him back. Forgetting that the guys were there, well until they all started coughing loudly!

Flustered she slapped Tico’s arm and shook her head. ‘Do you all eat everything that goes with steak? I mean usual things like mushrooms etc.’

‘Hon you put a shoe sole on the damn plate and we’re likely to eat it as its home cooked.’ Richie piped up.

The others were laughing in agreement.

‘Ok get some more beer or whatever and get the hell out of my kitchen!’ Al barked at them. All except Richie did as they were told. Her eyebrow winging up, ‘And what do you think you’re going to do?’

‘Hey querido Richie’s the only one who can cook!’ Tico shouted, settling down into the couch, TV remote in hand.

Damn they all looked so at home, smiling she shook her head. Looking at Richie she asked him if it was true. He said yup so she put him to work cutting and peeling onions and shrooms, while she heated up the griddle for the steaks.

Soon the aroma of grilling steaks and other smells mingled and sent the guys mouths watering and their stomachs rumbling.

‘How much longer?’ Jon asked. Praying it wouldn’t be long he was starving. He was also damn comfortable.

‘Well if you guys want to set the table, ten minutes.’

Al heard a scramble as the others headed for the kitchen, she pointed them to the cupboards and drawers that held her crockery and silverware. Between them they set the table, raided her wine stash, Jon impressed with the bottles he found there. They also lit the candles on the table and turned down the lights giving it a soft glow.

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sunstreaked said...

I love this story! It just gets better and better! Reading so fast my glasses are steaming up!