Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 13

They walked into the darkened room and Tico turned, pushed the door closed and turned the lock. He then slid Al down to the front of him biting his lip to keep from groaning out loud as her breast brushed his cheek.

As her feet touched the floor he pulled her to him, she could feel the need flowing from his every pore, ‘Darlin, if you have any doubts about this, tell me know before I can’t stop.’ He whispered against her lips. In answer she leaned forward and gently bit his bottom lip laving afterwards with her tongue.

‘Nope.’ Then slipped her tongue into his mouth, Tico groaned and ground himself into her softness as their lips mimicked what their bodies would soon be doing.

His hands did what he’d wanted to do for hours; they both went up and closed over her heaving chest, growling as they filled his palms, she let out a keening sigh as he caressed them. He rubbed and she purred in the back of her throat, lifting his head he looked into her heavy hooded eyes, ‘Take it you like that?’

‘Hell yes!’ And she kissed him again, her hand slipping down to cup him through his jeans. Hmmm she thought, and they say Richie’s big. He groaned into her mouth, and started to walk backwards to the bed, his hands now on her waist, pulling at the hem of her T, touching flesh, stroking it. Al’s mind melted into a puddle of want and need as she felt his hands on her.

¡Mujer del dios del Oh cuáles son usted que hace a mí! He whispered in her ear, shivers ran down her spine, knowing what he said it sounded sexy!

‘So I’m doing something to ya huh?’ She smiled at his stunned look, ‘I took Spanish for fun a couple of years ago. Let me see, ¡Deseo sentir su boca en mí, ninguna ropa, apenas su boca caliente!

Tico’s heart nearly stopped, ‘Well I always love to oblige.’ He pulled her T over her head, unsnapped her bra, caught her breasts in his hand and lowered his head to one. He lightly flicked his tongue over the tip, her moan shooting straight to his already engorged shaft. She grabbed his head and pulled him to her, he granted what she’d asked for and his mouth took in as much of her breast as he could. He sucked it hard, making her cry out, gently closing his teeth around it and biting. Her head fell back, eyes closed her breathing ragged.

Al was in heaven, his mouth moving from one breast to the other, sparks shooting down to her core, wetness invading her panties. He made his way back up her, kissing whatever he found, whispering to her, ¡Deseo estar en usted! ¡Profundo dentro de usted, AHORA! (I want to be in you! Deep inside you, NOW!)

She nearly came from that alone, in his deep gravely voice everything he said sounded like pure sex, but in Spanish it turned into molten sex! He gently licked his tongue over her lips, and then slipped in, stroking her tongue with his. Her hands fastened to his shoulders, needing the support to keep her upright.

Needing to feel him, she grasped his shirt and pulled it up, Tico refused to release her mouth, so it came to rest under his arms. Her fingers dived through the hair she found there, she sunk her fingers into his pecs, kneading them, and then flicking his nipples with the ends of her nails.

He sucked his breath in threw his teeth, ‘Darlin, next time we play, I need you now! Watching you all night just kept me getting hotter and hotter for you.’

With that he unzipped her jeans and went to pull them and her panties off, muttering when he realized her boots were still on. He dispatched them at lightening speed, need making his hands shake, kneeling he finished tugging off her garments. Leaning forward he gave in and placed a kiss on her mound, and then stood up and shucked his clothes.

Al smiled in awe at the naked man in front of her, his shaft standing out proud and long, his arms bulging trying to haul his need back in. His dark eyes glittering as he took his fill of her. He reached out a hand to her, she placed hers in his, and he took it to his lips as he’d done earlier and kissed it. Keeping hold he used it to reel her in, clasping her body to his. Letting her feel his desire for her, her nipples being tormented by the fur on his chest, he kissed her softly and moved her to the bed.

‘Forgive me, Al, I need you.’ He pushed her onto the bed, his hand snaking down and into her, as his lips took hers in a searing kiss that scorched her soul. His fingers piercing her, feeling she was ready for him, her juices coating his fingers, a growl emerged from his throat. Pulling up onto his hands, he looked deep into her soul as in one thrust he impaled her.

She screamed as an orgasm hit her.

Tico couldn’t believe how responsive she was to him, he pulled back and this time pushed back in gently, her hips leaving the bed taking him further in, he ground him self into her. Her head thrown back and neck arched, she convulsed on him again, another orgasm hitting her. He swore in Spanish and tried to hold onto his sanity a little longer.

Al ran her hands down his back, scoring her nails into his when the orgasm hit. Feeling him start to build up again, equally going slowly, then faster she gripped his ass and pulled him into her. Her nails sinking into his buttocks had Tico hammering into her, taking them both higher, she felt him near the edge, and squeezed him with her muscles.

‘Ah fuck.’ Shouted Tico as he felt her contract around him, he leant down and as his hips pistoned into her he took her breast in his mouth and sucked hard on it, sending them both crashing over the edge, Tico shouting at the top of his lungs, Al making a low moan convulsing around him, milking him for all she was worth.

He collapsed on top of her, and then rolled off to the side, taking her with him as he was still in her. He kissed her softly ‘Darlin you could probably kill me if this is what making love to you is going to be like.’

Al snuggled into his arms, loving the feel of him about and in her. ‘Nah, you’re too much of a stud for that to happen.’ Giggling as he swatted her ass.

‘Woman, you’d better be careful how you sass me. Revenge is a dish best served cold!’ He palmed both her ass cheeks and kneaded them roughly.

‘Babe, you doing that is only turning me on again.’ Snickering as his hands stopped. Only to jump at his bark of laughter, he laughed so hard his limp shaft finally slipped from her.

‘Ah darlin you are fuckin wonderful!’ Gathering her to him he settled in to wait out his laughter.

That’s how they fell asleep, wrapped in each others arms.

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