Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 29

Once in the room Al closed the door. Tico stood in awe. The room ran the width of the house; it was big, beige, chocolates and red, again the main colours. A big glass fire set into the wall on the right next to it to old and battered armchairs that had seen better days but looked big and comfortable enough to sleep in.

Her bed was a big carved wooden sleigh one. The end wall was again glass, but looked tinted or something. A door leads off to the bathroom. A big claw footed tub dominated the middle of the floor. Tico thought of him and Al in it, candles that were in there, lit and bubbles. Lots of bubbles! The shower could fit four people easily. The other door led into a walk in closet.

She had a canvas set up on an easel, blank and waiting for the muse to hit her.

Al held her breath as Tico took in the room. Finally he turned and stared up at the canvases on the wall behind her bed. ‘Damn darlin, no wonder you didn’t want to let the guys in here.’ He walked up to the bed and ran an appreciative eye over the four portraits.

Looking back at him was himself, Jon, Richie and David. Drawn in charcoals, they weren’t copies of photos. She’d done her own interpretation of each of them. They were wonderful, so life like. She’d captured each of them in a quiet moment. In the background of the drawings she’d set something of each of them there. His held a set of drums, David the piano, Richie a guitar and Jon, his white mic stand.

‘These are fantastic querido! You have a talent miel.’

Al blushed to her roots. ‘Now you understand why I am reluctant to let the guys in here.’

‘Querido they’d love them! Who wouldn’t! They know you’re a fan, it wouldn’t throw them, well not too much.’ He held out his hand, she placed hers in it and he pulled her into his embrace. He held her tenderly. ‘Your bedroom is, well magnificent. I think they’d love to see it. Can we let them?’

She looked into his eyes and saw tenderness there, leaning forward she pressed her lips to his. His arms tightened and his tongue gently asked permission to enter, she gave it. Her hands went to his shoulders as he deepened the kiss. She tugged on his burns.

Pulling back he grinned at her, ‘Perv!’ He told her.

‘Hell yeah!’ She chuckled softly. ‘I think we’d better let the others in.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yeah, I think I trust your judgment of your brothers!’

‘Okay then.’ With his arm still around her waist they walked to the door.

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