Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 30

Opening the door they looked for the others. No one was around. ‘Where the hell are they?’ Al asked.

Tico let out an ear splitting whistle. A couple of seconds’ later heads appeared from doors, all looking a little sheepish. ‘What the hell are you doing?’ He asked them.

Jon piped up, ‘Told you we were going to check out our rooms better.’ A big shit eating grin spread across his face and the others too. They were all shaking their heads yes!

Al groaned and rolled her eyes and laughed.

‘Hell honey I’m serious! I love your home. I say we go back to the hotel and check out. Anyone else with me?’ Jon grinned at the rest.

Everyone raised their hands and laughed.

‘No fucking way! You lot are not moving in!’ Al held onto the belief that they were joking! Otherwise, these twenty four hours just got a hell of a lot more weird!

‘Fuck guys, stop winding her up!’ Tico growled at them, begging them to quit pissing about. She’d already told him it felt surreal. He glowered at Jon, who in turn looked like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Bastard!

What Tico didn’t realize was that Jon was serious about moving in! He’d be in heaven here. But the look Teek was shooting him was telling him to back the hell off, NOW! So he did.

‘Yeah darlin, we’re joking. Now are going to show us your room or what?’
He grinned down at the panic stricken woman trying hard not to bust a blood vessel.

Al was trying to calm down; damn these guys would kill her off! She just nodded yeah, and let them wander into her room. She stayed where she was and waited.

‘HOLY SHIT!’ she heard from Jon, he’d seen the sketches.

‘Nah Jonny boy you’re Holy Fuck! He’s Holy Shit! Come on get it right.’ This came from David.

‘Teek, bring Al in here please!’ Came the stern voice of Jon again.

Al gulped and Tico took her hand and led her back into her room.

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