Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 26

They drove for sometime out towards the edge of London and into a revamped district. Lots of old factories had lovingly given a new lease of life, and turned into homes. There where shops and pubs, restaurants and many more things now in the district. What was once ear marked to be flattened had be transformed.

They pulled up at what seemed to be an old factory. The driver pulled over and Al got out. The boys just sat there wondering if they’d got the right address.

‘I take it you’re all sitting here while I go and change?’ She cocked her head to the side, and laughed inwardly at their wary expressions. Digging the keys out, she went to a small discreet door and waited.

Tico was the first out; he hoped this wasn’t a joke. The rest followed looking about them. The area seemed ok, but looking at the outside of the building made them all wonder.

Chuckling Al undid the door and walked in, quickly followed by Tico, who slammed to a halt after passing the door jam, Richie barrelling into him and swearing, ‘What the hell you stopped for?’ Then he glances over Teeks shoulder, his mouth hits the floor.

One after the other the men filed in, each one looking in awe about the place.

It had been given a lower story and an upper one. The lower had massively high ceilings. After flicking a switch, light flooded the place. Its was mostly open planned and huge!

As you walked in on your right an enclosed space, which they would find out housed her studio and dark room. But besides that one room everything was open. You looked down the room and all you could see was space.

The walls were mostly a warm creamy coffee colour with hints of browns and reds here and there. Big leather couches in muted beiges scattered around near the monster of a fireplace. To the side of the couches the dinning table and chairs sat. Deep mahogany table that could sit at least twelve people.

The space was amazing. Lights ran along either side of the room set into the floor, the same kind of lights came from above too. The floor was a light beech wood that ran all the way to the kitchen, where it was replaced by a dark slate floor.

In between the table and the couches in the ceiling hung a massive light. It was made of twisted metal with many lights coming from the ends.

Passed the couches and table, there were the stairs leading up to the next floor. Behind that was the kitchen, all done out in light beech coloured wood and clean stainless steel handles and appliances. Above the waist high cupboard the wall was made up of glass. You could stand there and look into the sunroom and out to the garden. Blissful! Every gadget known to man was in that kitchen; Al loved to cook, but hated to cook just for her. That was boring.
‘Guys pick your jaws off the floor will ya.’ Al laughed at them.

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