Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 11

Al was still laughing when all of a sudden she was grabbed tipped backwards, a hand steadying her head, and lips connecting to hers! Tongue swooping into her mouth like a pirate on a raiding party. Her hands grabbed onto the kissers shoulders so she didn’t hit the deck, and looked into a pair of smiling chocolate brown eyes, and they didn’t belong to Tico!!!!

‘For fuck’s sake Sambora get the hell off my woman!’ Came the disgruntled and recognisable rumble of Tico’s pissed off tones. ‘How the hell did he get in here?? Rich, man I’m telling you if you don’t let go of her I’m gonna fuckin kill ya!’

Richie just carried on kissing the hell out of Al, moving so his hair covered their faces, he lifted his mouth just a fraction and said to Al, ‘Play along darlin.’ Grinned, and started to kiss her again as he pulled her upright. His lips gently left hers; nibbling them for the last time he turned to Tico, ‘Well hell bro you seemed intent on the fans than this wonderful woman.’ He cuddled her close, gently squeezing her waist.

‘But Tiiiiiiiiiiico I told you if you left me alone too long I’d have to find someone to occupy myself with.’ She gave him the puppy dog eyes and tilted her head to one side, sighing prettily, and looking put out with him, her hand playing with Richie’s shirt button, and gently grazing his bared chest.

Both Richie and Mike looked at each other, as Al’s other hand snuck down to Richie’s ass and goosed him, making him jump, thus earning another nasty look from Tico. Richie thought any minute now he’s going to explode, then his brain registered what she’d said, and had to bite back a laugh, damn she’s good!

Tico didn’t know what the fuck to do! She sat there looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, looking very puzzled as to why he was pissed. To top it all people where watching them.

‘I know ya did, but I thought you were joking! I got ready as fast as I could.’ he raked his hand through his hair wondering how the hell he could turn this around. ‘But hell baby did you have to give into that jackass?’

By now Jon, David, Hugh, Obie and Tony had joined them at the bar, watching the drama unfold was like watching a soap opera, they loved it!

Al looked up at Richie, her eyes sparkling with laughter, then at Mike, who she could feel shaking with unleashed laughter. Sighing dramatically she put her head into her hand, shaking it. Hopping off the stool she stepped across to Tico, wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled his unresisting head down to hers and kissed him with all her soul and lust. Just as he reached for her she stepped back, leaving him bereft of her mouth.

She looked back at Richie, ‘Sorry babe, but I must admit this jackass kisses a damn sight better than you, so I’ll take him.’ Looking at a stunned Tico she says to him, ‘But only on one condition sweetie.’

He manages to croak out, ‘What?’

Tilting her head again, pursing her lips, she took a deep breath, and Tico’s eyes bounced down to her chest, then snapped back up. ‘The condition is you learn how to spot your being punked by your brothers and myself!’ She waited.

The guys could see the wheels turning and steam coming out of his head as he tried to sort out what she’d just said. They knew the second the other shoe dropped; he grabbed her arm, ducked and threw her over his shoulder again. She squealed out loud with shock and laughter, the people around them started to laugh to.

He looked Richie in the eye, ‘You fuckin bastard, I’ll get you for that shit!’ Turning on his heel, camera flashed going off about him, he proceeded to walk towards the door, and giggling woman floundering over his shoulder, and his brothers laughing their asses off behind him!

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