Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 3

Oh my fuckin good god he’s really taking me over to Tico! She slammed her brakes on; now unsure if this was a good idea. The crowd and the other guys realised where, and to who he was headed, all started hooting and hollerin. Richie was making kissy, kissy noises over the mic and laughing. Jon turned to her and gave her a questioning look. He stopped and reeled her into his arms. Again the crowd went wild, thinking he was winding them all up.

Tico, shots daggers at his friends back. WTF was he doing now?

He held Al in his arms, leaning down to her ear, ‘What’s wrong Al? Don’t you want to meet him now?’ He was perplexed at her behaviour. He heard her mumble something, ‘What, I missed that?’

‘I said I’m fuckin nervous you ass!’ She proceeded to go beet red, when realising what and who she‘d said that too.

Jon took her into a bear hug and swung her about, nearly taking her off her feet. Her camera that she had a death grip on smacked him in the arm as she grabbed hold of him to keep herself upright. Luckily she had the strap around her neck; otherwise his ass would be paying out for a new one.

He stopped, turned her toward Tico again, wrapped his arm over her shoulder and walked her towards her goal.

Al was sweating. This was going to happen; she was going to meet Tico! She looked up and gasped when she saw Tico’s eyes running hungrily over her. Jon took her around the side of the drums. By this time Tico had stood up and moved a bit away from the kit. Someone passed Jon a mic.

‘Tico my bro, the lady told me she wanted to be introduced to you man, fuck knows why old man!’ The crowd went off again! ‘So here she is, Tico I want to introduce you to Al, Al met Tico.’ He gave her a little push forward, and in a daze she held her hand out.

Tico looked at the blonde and salivated. Damn that’s a nice package, my height too. She held her hand out to him. Jon grinned over her shoulder giving him the thumbs up sign. Tico looked into her sparkling green eyes; her tongue nervously darted out, his eyes fixed on it. He nearly groaned, her lips were naked and looked plump and succulent. He took her hand, raised it to his lips and kissed it. ‘Hello darlin.’

A shudder passed through Al as she felt his lips meet the back of her hand, and that voice, hell he could probably talk her into an orgasm. She’d always said it sounded like silk over gravel. His head came up, he looked deep into her eyes, then yanked her arm, caught her to his chest, lock onto her lips and kiss the livin daylights outta her!

Again the crowd went wild. The guys stood there gob smacked as Tico reeled her in, clamping his arms about her waist, fitting her to himself, lip to lip, chest to chest, hardness to softness. Al’s arms crept up and locked her hands about his neck, and held on for dear life! Fireworks seemed to explode behind her eyelids. She felt his chest quicken, as did hers. His hands wandered restlessly at the base of her back, and then one after the other slip down and cup her ass.

Jon stood there, looked a Rich and flapped his hand at his face indicating he thought they were hot! Richie shook his head and laughed, by the look of it Teek didn’t give a shit he was fondling a woman in front of 90,000 fans.

Tico was soooo into this woman, she put her all into this kiss and he was so turned on he wouldn’t need his sticks. Her fingers were playing with is hair, if they didn’t stop soon he’d take her on his drums and fuck the crowd!

‘Erm, hey Teek, Al don’t you think you need to come up for air? And we do have a little bit of a show going on, well after you two let go of each other.’ Everyone about them laughed.

Al and Tico pulled back from one another as if jump started. Looking about her Al went bright red realising they’d just put on one hell of a show for everyone here. Groaning she buried her flaming face in Tico’s neck. He chuckled, flipped the bird at Jon, took hold of Al’s hand and walked her to the side of the stage. The crowd roared their approval.

The crowd screamed with laughter as Jon and Richie chased them down. ‘Hey where you going T?’ shouted Jon, laughing hard, Richie coming up close behind him, a smirk shaping his lips.

‘Why don’t you two fuck off? I’m making certain she doesn’t get away.’ He signalled Mike the head of security over. ‘Man I’m counting on you to keep this wonderful woman safe for me. Got it?’ He nearly growled at him.

Mike snapped of a smart ass salute at Tico, ‘Think I can handle that boss.’
Tico slapped his arm, ‘Make sure you do boy, otherwise your ass is outta here!’ He turned to Al, who looked like she was in a daze again; leaning towards her he kissed her softly. As he went to deepen the kiss, Jon and Richie grabbed an arm each and dragged him back onto the stage, the crowd roaring with laughter and Jon and Richie mugging for all they were worth.

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