Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 4

Al just stood there, looking stunned! Had that really happened? She looked at the man mountain that had his hand on her shoulder, with a ‘Am I dreaming’ look on her face.

Mike looked down at the stunning blonde he’d been entrusted with, and laughed at her look. ‘Yes darlin, you just made out with Teek, and you’re definitely not going anywhere. So you can stay with me and enjoy the show from the side.’ He glanced towards Teek; he was watching the woman with lust in his eye, and nearly drooling. He laughed to himself; he’d not seen Teek like this for years!

She couldn’t believe what she’d done. All these years of Jovi concerts, years of wondering what she would do if she ever got to meet Tico. Well hell she now knew and a massive grin broke out. She looked towards Tico and saw he was watching her, grinning evilly she licked her lips, puckered up, and blew him a kiss. As his jaw nearly hit the floor, she whipped the camera up and clicked in rapid succession, he noticed and threw his head back and laughed.

Richie had been watching them both and couldn’t believe that Teek seemed to be acting like a teenager with his first girl. Damn it was cute! He’d wondered if his luck was in when Jon said she didn’t want him. She might be just over 5ft but she had legs that seemed to defy her height, her curves were in all the right places too. He loved that real woman look. But even now she only seemed to have eyes for Teek, lucky bastard.

Jon to noticed what was going on, he nodded at Dave and Hugh as he went passed, they too laughed and grinned. You couldn’t really miss them, the electricity was nearly visible. He noticed she was still taking pics of Teek, and decided to add to the mix a little bit more.

The band started into Lost Highways, and Jon headed towards Al’s side of the stage, jerking his head towards Al when he passed Richie, who wondered WTF Jon was up to now.

As he finished the end of the chorus he was level with her, the crowd realising something was going to happen started to laugh, shout and clap.

Al noticed a movement out the corner of her eye, glancing over she saw Jon making his way to her, an evil smirk on his lips, he blew her a kiss and shook his ass at her, she laughed, snapping away.

Jon motioned for her to come to him. Al shook her head no. Jon sighed, looked at Richie and the crowd, shook his head and walked towards her. Al tried to back pedal, she saw the impish look in his eyes, and slammed up against Man Mountain behind her. She couldn’t go any further and Mike wouldn’t move.

Jon laughed when he saw the look of fear in her eyes; he took her by the hand, leaned towards her and said, ‘Why don’t you come out on stage and take some more pictures, but of all of us. You look like you know what you’re doing.’ He started singing again, and pulled her unmoving form back onto the stage.

Al nearly died, the man just didn’t know when to quit! He was right about her though, she’d been a photographer for years, mainly for herself, but she had sold a fair few too over the years.
‘Hey Rich, you gonna have your picture took by this hot babe! Start suckin your gut in!’ Jon laughed as Richie did just that, mugging for all he was worth, the crowd loving it. ‘Go for it Al, shoot what you want, and we’ll see what you come up with.’ He leaned in and kissed her cheek.

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