Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 20

They piled into the people carrier, all talking and laughing. Much to Tico’s disgust Al was sat in the front with the driver, leaning over the seat listening to what they were planning to do. She kept looking at him and batting here eyelashes and pulling faces, but stopped as soon as he cracked up and looked a picture of innocence. Damn she was good.

Arriving at the BBC, where they were filming the security guards checked them over, querying Al but letting her in when Jon said she was their PA and had forgotten she was coming on the trip. It worked. Outside the studios railings Jovi fans had gathered so the guys did a walkabout and signed things and had pictures took with different people, some who’d been at the concert last night in Wembley stadium. Al took out her camera and started clicking away again.

Someone asked Jon if she was the woman from last night, he looked at the woman, asking her is she had been at the concert. She had, so Jon asked her if she seen Tico kiss her, she said yes. He looked at the woman, grinning and told her it was cause Tico refused to let her go home. She eyes Al up and Jon heard her mutter, lucky bitch! He laughed and dropped a kiss on her cheek, she nearly passed out.

The guys finally make it into the BBC. Al looks around with awe, huge place. They were quickly taken to the studio, so they could get everything set up and do a sound check. All the time Tico kept Al by his side.

Frank Skinner the host of the show walked in while the guys were sound checking. They’d decided to play Lost Highways and Everybody’s Broken. Richie piped up that they should do Put the Boy Back, so he could watch Al shaking her ass again.

For that he got the bird from Al, but Jon said he could be persuaded to change the set and she walked off the set, with a resounding round of agreement from the others.

Tico watched her go, ‘Rich bro you better pray she comes back otherwise I’m gonna find a different use for my sticks!’

Al headed off to the bathroom, shaking her head, not that bothered by what had been said. She was getting used to the camaraderie of the guys. It was fun. In the bathroom she looked into the mirror. If someone had told her twenty four hours ago she’d be here with Bon Jovi, she’d have had them committed! Damn life was strange.

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Sunstreaked said...

Thanks to Opester, I was directed to this story! Laughing my ass off at the dialog! This is so freaking good! Sorry, got to go, more to read - Yeah for me!!!