Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 1

From where she stood in the fan pit Alice could see the sweat running down his face. His eyes were closed, lost in the beat of his drums. The women surrounding her were screaming for Richie and Jon. Al just stood off the side watching Tico.

She felt more than a little hot watching the play of his muscles as the beat picked up. Lord what she wouldn’t give for ten minutes alone with him, well now he was divorced! She had her camera ready and aimed at him and him only. He must have felt her eyes on him as he turned his head her way. She snapped him several times.

He noticed her watching him, and not looking at Jonny boy shaking his money maker right in front of her. She smiled at him shyly. Damn she was cute, small well stacked blonde, what a combination. He grinned at her and blew her a kiss, straight into her lens. He was sure he could feel the heat from where he sat.

He noticed Jon watching him, and he followed his gaze, and evil look forming in the Kidd’s eyes! Tico groan, what was the bastard going to do. He started the next song without even realising. FUCK! Bed of Roses, no Jonny wouldn’t, would he? He groaned, damn and double damn why he can’t leave one woman for someone else!???

Al noticed nothing except Tico, after 20 yrs of waiting she’d finally got into the fan pit, and she wasn’t wasting it for no one! She didn’t realised BOR had started, till the women in the pit went wild, crushing her to the side even more. She tried to move but was stuck between a buxom blond and a killer brunette, their elbows trying to mangle her into nothing. Her view of Tico was fading. Sod that she thought, she hipped checked the blonde, who unfortunately, for the blonde, had CFM’s on and couldn’t keep her balance and stumbled backwards arms flailing! She had her space back, camera raised again, contentment reigned!

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