Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 9

Tico just laughed at the dead phone in his hand, she’d cut him off, damn she was one of a kind. Still laughing he got into the shower, and quickly washed his hair, then started to soap himself down. His hands gliding across his biceps, just like Al’s hands had, he groaned, he closed his eyes and thought of how she tasted when he kissed her, and the little noises she made.

He moaned, why the hell had he started on this train of thought, his dick was at full attention, throbbing and twitching as he thought of her hands, and how he’d love to have them on his dick now instead of his own as he washed it down, groaning again at the friction. He couldn’t believe the state he was in at his age! He rubbed the soap onto his chest, keeping away from his dick, hoping it’d die off.

He rinsed off, then seeing as he was still fully aroused, took the shower head and turned the water to cold and held it to him, yelping at the freezing cold water drenching his still rock hard dick. Damn it wasn’t going away, damn and double damn, he needed to take care of it. He turned the water back to warm a re hung the shower head.

He reached down, and took himself in hand, closing his eyes, he concentrated on Al again, her lips, mouth, and breathy little noises she’d made as he’d fondled her ass. His hand was now moving at a great rate, water cascading over his head, running down his chest and down onto his shaft, lubricating him so his hand could move faster and faster. His hips started to buck, he thought of her soft breast and how she’d feel in his mouth. He came fast and hard, his hips jerking spasmodically as he emptied himself into the shower, groaning, and hoping that would be the last time tonight he’d have to jerk off. He’d not done that in years!

After his legs stopped shaking he got out towelled off and got re dressed in record time. Slicking his still wet hair back he headed for the door and towards Al, who was waiting for him. A big shit eating grin spread across his face.

As he walked down the corridor, he banged on each of the guys doors not stopping, just doing it for the hell of it.

Half way down the corridor, Richie opened the door wrapped in a towel, searching for who'd just scared the crap out of him. He noticed Tico strutting towards the lift, damn he’d been quick, and then grinning remembering Al, and yeah if she was waiting for him he’d be bloody fast too. ‘Hey Torres, watch yourself at your age she could kill ya bro.’ and laughed out loud as Tico not stopping, raised his hand and flicked him the bird.

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