Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 7

Mike tapped her on the shoulder, ‘We need to be getting out back, four more songs on the first encore and five on the second, and we’re outta here. If your not out back my ass will be black and blue tomorrow from Teek kickin it! And you don’t want that on your conscience do you?’

‘No, I wouldn’t want to see a grown man cry, so let’s go.’ Mike liked her she had a sense of humour, she’d fit in nicely. He held his arm out, she giggled, linked arms and off they went.

By the time they reached backstage the guys were on stage belting out HAND. Mike took her to the side of the stage again; well she had paid to watch the show after all. He took the camera off her, she glared at him, ‘Darlin I think its time you just watched the guys for a while.

Tico noticed Al was back and blew another kiss her direction. Mike pretended to grab it out of the air and slap it on his lips. Al cracked up and Tico just rolled his eyes. Mike fluttered his eyes at Tico blowing a kiss back, which sent Al further over the edge.

They finished the first encore, and instead of joining the guys up front Tico quickly walked towards Al. She started as she saw him moving towards her, she nearly melted into a puddle at the heat she saw shooting from his eyes.

He walked towards her, and not stopping, bent and flipped her over his shoulders in a fireman’s lift and carried on walking into the shadows with her, the crowd screaming at his antics.

Al let out a shriek of surprise, and then she started to laugh. She latched onto his belt to stop herself falling off him. Damn he was strong, his arms like steel about her legs.

Deep in the shadows he stopped and let her slid down him to the floor, before she’d fully stood upright his hands speared her hair and his lips slanted over hers, his tongue licking her bottom lip, begging to be let in. She opened her lips to him, his tongue invading her mouth like a man starving for the feel of another person. Her hands hooked onto his belt, then slid around his back, running her hands over the muscles she found there.

Tico’s hands moved out of her hair, skimming the sides of her breasts, pushing through her arms, making her move her hands to his shoulders and into his sweat soaked hair. His hands wrapped around her waist pulling her against him, and to his erection that had plagued him since he first kissed her. He crushed her to him, not wanting to let her go, both still fused at the lips. His hands dropped to her ass, cupping a globe in each he gently squeezed and lifted her up so her softness was against his hardness.

Al moaned deep in her throat and she rubbed herself against him. The lack of air finally made then break the kiss apart. They leaned their foreheads together, panting hard. ‘Hell woman if this is what happens when we just kiss, we ever get together in bed, we’ll set it alight!’ Tico chuckled, still straining to fills his deprived lungs.

‘You think! God I feel like a horny teenager all this groping and panting.’ Al laughed.

Tico looked into her laughing eyes and growled deep in his throat and buried his head where neck meets shoulder, licking and nibbling there. Al’s head went back, giving him greater access, he bit her, she rubbed herself against him, he soothed with his tongue. He kissed back up her neck to the lobe of her ear, where he sucked it into his mouth, tugging on it.

Al could feel she was getting wet, hell and damnation all this and he’d only kissed her!

They locked lips again, Tico’s hands found the hem of her shirt, his fingers reaching underneath found flesh, Al jumped at his touch, electricity seemed to be flowing from his fingers to her nerve ends, making wherever he touched, tingle.

Al ran her hands across his shoulders and down his arms, where she caressed his bulging biceps, lord they were rock hard, and huge! A woman felt safe in these arms. She felt his hand start to move up the side of her towards her breast. Her legs felt weak. Just as his hand neared its goal.......................

‘Fuckin hell Teek will you take your tongue out of her long enough to finish the show? Jesus looks like we may need a bucket of cold water to separate them.’ Richie gwaffed, and the rest of the band making kissy noises and snickering.

Tico ripped his lips from her and let out a stream of swear words, some in English, some not, but there meaning was clear, he was not happy!

‘Damn Teek we turned around and you were throwing the poor thing over your shoulder, we thought you’d carried on walking and weren’t comin back. Come on man the crowds about ready to leave.’ Jon turned and started to walk away from them and towards the edge of the stage.

‘I gotta go darlin,’ he gave her a quick kiss, and they all walked to Jon and went on stage to a staggering wave of applause.

Al just stood there wondering how the hell this was going to turn out.

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