Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 24

Tico and the guys watched as Al ripped Frank a new hole, and all of them chuckled, well Tico did after being held back and wanting to rip Frank’s head off.

She laid into him, not bothering when people stopped and stared, some of the audience had already got their mobiles out to video the band. They soon zoomed in on what was going on in the corner. Jon realised that this would end up on You Tube well before the interview did, he just shook his head.

Al stalked away from him, mentally calling him every crappy name she could wrap her brain about. How dare the asshole expect to kiss and make up. He’d dragged her into all this, and pissed the boys off by doing it.

He opened his arms and she walked straight into them burying her hot face in his neck and holding onto him for dear life. ‘Es bien darlin, calma abajo. Él es un asno. (It's alright darlin, calm down. He's an ass.) Es aceptable, vamos a cambiar y a irnos. Usted no tiene que hablar con él otra vez. (It's ok, we're going to change and leave. You don't have to talk to him again.) All the time he was stroking her hair and back.

The rest of the guys crowed about them, giving them some protection so Al could get her self back together.

‘Soy Tico fino; yo apenas necesito un minuto parar mis rodillas de dar hacia fuera en mí. Bebé honesto.’ (I'm fine Tico; I just need a minute to stop my knees from giving out on me. Honest babe.) She nuzzled his neck, keeping her head down, embarrassed how she’d lost it.

If she had of looked up she’d have seen the rest of the guys jaws on the floor. Richie gave Jon a WTF look; she’d just blown them away by rattling Spanish off like a pro. David grinned and gave Tico the thumbs up. He’d never get away with muttering in Spanish with her like he did when he was pissed with them.

Mike and a few of the security crew walked over, ‘Ok guys you ready to leave before we fuck that dick over?’ He was glaring at Frank who stayed on the other side of the studio.

They all nodded and looked towards Al. ‘¿Darlin es usted listo ir? Necesitamos hacer un movimiento.’ (Darlin are you ready to go? We need to make a move.)

Finally she straightened up, mentally pulling herself together. She looked about and realized the boys had literally hidden her and Tico from prying eyes. She looked at each man, ‘Thank you, and yes I’m ready to go. But Jon I’m really sorry if I’ve put you in an awkward situation with Frank. Should I apologize to him for what I’ve said?’ She looked at the floor, not wanting to say sorry, but she would if he wanted her too.

‘Fuck no! He deserves each and every barrel you nailed him with. I never expected him to say anything about you, let alone suggest you were the band toy! You walk out of here with your head high honey, you did nothing wrong!’ Jon leant over and took her into a hug, letting her go they boys formed another human shield about her and Tico, and lead them out of the studio.

Hugh flipping Frank the bird as they passed.

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