Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 15

The guys continued to laugh hoping to piss Tico off enough to undo the door. They started to pound on the door again; nearly all falling through it was it was flung open. They all stopped laughing as they saw Al standing there; they bit back a groan as they took in her mussed hair and kissed puffy lips and the sultry look in her eyes.

‘Do you guys want something? Or are you trying to wake Tico up? I’ve just let him go to sleep and you idiots want to wake him. I’m telling you know if in half an hour he’s not pleased to see me cause you woke him up; I’m coming after one of you to satisfy me! Now bugger off!’ Leaving looking like fish out of water she slammed the door in their faces. She nearly squealed as a pair of arms wound around her waist.

‘Holy crap darlin, I wouldn’t want to piss you off any time.’ Tico couldn’t help himself, he started to laugh. He turned Al in his arms, ‘God woman you look like a glorious Valkerie defending her man, thank you they’ll never forget that. Plus I won’t let them forget it.’ His laughter died as he took in how she looked.

‘I thought you’d be upset, but I couldn’t let them get away with that crap.’

‘Nah, it’s nice for them to get blasted once in a while. Now how about we stop talking …’ He leaned in a kissed her, gathering her close to him, his hands slipping about her waist and holding her gently.

She wound her arms about his neck, pulling him in for a deeper kiss their tongues meeting in a slow lazy duel. Al ran her hands to the side of his face and tugged on his sideburns. He pulled back and looked questioningly at her.

‘Hmmm … oh sorry I’ve always loved your burns, they make you want to play with them, and this little bum fluff you’ve sported,’ she ran her fingers over his goatee, ‘Just seems made for rubbing all over me.’

Tico growled at the picture she painted, he took his lips to her ear, running his tongue over the delicate shell he found there, sucking the lobe into his hot mouth. Nibbling down her neck to where it met her shoulder. He then proceeded to see what his ‘bum fluff’ would do to her, stroking it gently over her neck and shoulder, licking where it touched.

Al’s head fell backwards, lorrrrd that felt sooooo damn good! She did wonder if she should have mentioned her little fetish, now she was happy she had ………… Oh damn he was working his goatee down towards the swell of her breasts.

Just as he reached his goal, the phone jangled into their quite world making them jump apart like scalded cats.

Tico marched over to the phone, ‘WHAT? This better be fuckin good!’

Al finally realised he had slung a towel about his hips, shame really. The play of muscles on his back caught her attention, for a fifty-five year old he was in superb physical shape.

‘Al, the guys are wondering if we want to join them for breakfast. They’ve also reminded me we have an interview at two.’ He glared at the phone then at the clock it now said 11.30! DAMN! ‘And Rich wants to know which one you need to come up and take over for me. Also says they got your jacket, camera and bag with them seeing as I man handled you out so fast last night you forgot them.’ He just grinned at the blush he saw creeping up her chest.

‘Oh God I forgot my gear. Shit! Tell Richie no sub required and I suppose you’d better go and get fed.’ Al was wondering how to back out graciously, she should go, but hell she had an itch only he could seem to scratch!

‘Hear that asshole, and we’ll be down for breakfast in a bit.’ He put the phone down and walked purposefully back to Al; taking her hand he led her to the bed. He got on and pulled her into his arms, tucking her head in the crook of his neck. ‘I saw that look lady, and you’re not going anywhere you hear me. I’ve just found you and I don’t want to loose you. I think we need to see what this attraction is. Do you agree?’ He held his breath.

‘But Tico you don’t even know me. For all you know I could be a psychopath!’ She felt him chuckle and slapped his stomach making him jump. ‘All you know is I’m a fan, and take pictures, nothing else, not my full name, where I’m from, zilch!’ She said with an exasperated air.

‘I know something’s about you darlin.’ She raised one eyebrow and he chuckled. ‘I know you’re a true blonde.’ That earned him another slap, he laughed kissing her forehead. ‘I know you have a penchant for drummers, you purr when you’re in the throws of passion, you speak fluent Spanish, you make me want to throw you down and ravish you with just a look.’ Al shivered. ‘You have a wicked sense of humour, you can hold your own with the guys, you’re not afraid to stand up for what you want, and most importantly of all.’ He reached down gently taking her chin and making her look into his eyes, ‘I’ve never felt like this before about a woman I’ve just met.’ His kissed her gently.

Al turned to complete mush in his arms. Lord this man knew which buttons of hers to press, and used it to great advantage. He started to deepen the kiss, pulling her atop of him, groaning as her leg slipped between his, knocking his erect shaft.

The phone jarring them apart again had her reaching for it swearing like a trooper! ‘What?’

Laughter from Jon nearly made her want to kill him. ‘Just a reminder darlin you can’t get down and dirty you need to move you cute little ass into gear.’ He quickly disconnected the call before she could blister his ears, high fiving Rich and Dave, Tony and Obie rolling their eyes at the childlike actions.

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