Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 22

Time moved fast from there, then dead slow. Al was twitchy, the sound check had gone smoothly, and the guys were in make up, the audience filing in. They would tape today and air it tomorrow. It was well passed six and she needed to go home. She knew though Tico would be pissed and Mike was probably laying in wait for her.

Tony had shown her how he worked the sound board; she’d taken pics of him doing his job. Obie was about too, and kept popping in to see her. When the guys had left for make up she decided not to go with them, she didn’t want to upset the way they got ready for a show. So she’d stayed in the control booth, quietly sat, watching the monitors. Besides Jovi, they’d got some other guests on, but the guys were the main attraction.

She got up and headed for the door, ‘And just where do you think your goin?’ Tony asked.

‘Well I thought I’d go down into the studio and take some shots and watch the show. Any objections or do you want to shackle me to the chair? That’s kinky, but if that’s what does it for you Tony.’ She smirked as he rolled his eyes and the others in the sound booth laughed.

He made a shooing gesture and turned his back on her.

Laughing she wandered out and into the studio, her trusty camera like an extension of her hand, being aimed at the crowd. There were loads of Jovi fans wearing T’s and some had banners. She went up to the ones in T’s and asked if she could take their pics, telling them that the band would see them, if they ever let her go home and upload them. After taking several she noticed Mike watching her, she blew him a kiss, and walked towards him.

‘Ah I was wondering where my shadow had gone too. What’s up love?’

‘Nothing doll, just making sure you’re ok. You need anything, they’re gonna start taping in a bit. No camera flashes please, from the director.’

‘Nope, don’t need anything, and d’oh like I’m gonna use a flash. Sheeeesh!’ She rolled her eyes.

After ten minutes, the lights went down and the title music struck up, out came Frank to people clapping and cheering. He waffled for a bit, asking if there where any Jovi fans in and the place erupted. They did the show out of sync because there where skits to be put in. They did all the other interviews, then Frank stood and introduced the guys, the place went mental again. The wall moved back and the guys swung into Lost Highways, Al heard the audience singing along with them. It took her back to last night. Damn, it seemed so long ago.

She noticed Tico searching for her, trying to see passed the strobes, she knew he wouldn’t be able to see her, but was touched he still tried.

They finished and all the guys moved to the couches. She grinned; normally it was just Jon, or him and Richie. This was nice; the audience seemed to think so too.

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