Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 14

A soft snore penetrated the fog in Al’s brain, snoring who the fuck is snoring? Her eyes flew open and she froze, there was a hand wrapped around her holding her breast. In a blinding flash of clarity last night came hurtling back to her.

Holy fuck I’ve slept with Tico!!!! Her eyes closing as she tried to control herself from leaping from the bed. She’d never done something this rash before. Yeah it was one of her fantasies to sleep with him, but she never thought she would! WOW! And damn he was better than anything she’d ever imagined.

Glancing at her watch still on her wrist she realised it was gone 10.30. Hell she never slept past 8. Mind you she’d never had sex like that before either. Al realised that her bladder was calling her, so she gently moved his hand and went into the bathroom.

Tico woke as he heard the bathroom door snicked to. He glanced at the clock, wow he sure slept like a log, he heard the toilet flush, he thought for a minute. Then a big grin broke as he remembered Al and the hot sex they’d had.

He groaned and clapped his hand to his face; he’d fallen asleep after taking that passionate woman, asleep! FUCK! He was surprised she was still here, and hadn’t run from the oap that he’d turned into over night! When the hell did his stamina give out, he used to go all night, now one magnificent fuck and he’d fallen asleep! God help him if the guys found out, his life would be shit for months to come.

He heard the door open and looked at Al who had one of the hotel robes on, she looked like a little girl playing dress up, and he chuckled. Al’s head flew up when she heard it, looking straight into Tico’s gorgeous eyes; she blushed, her eyes skittering away. ‘Morin.’ She choked out.

‘Well hi there honey, comin back to bed?’ He said with a salacious look in his eye, and praying she would say yes.

Al hesitated, she really wanted to join him, but felt shy. Hell she’d fallen asleep on him; she hated to think what he thought of her. She walked to the side of the bed and looked down at him, just laying there a sheet covering him, lord she just wanted to throw herself on him, she felt herself get wet at that thought!

‘Erm ….well, I really think I’d better get going.’ Al stuttered out, twiddling with the ties of the robe, blushing bright red at some of the thoughts running through her brain when he scooted up the bed a little, the sheet moving down and she could see where his happy trail led too. Take me now lord, cause I sure can’t stand the heat!

Tico realised something was wrong she was nervous and not once looked at him after her first furtive glance, well at his face any how! He chuckled softly when she went red, and nearly laughed his ass off when her eyes zinged to his crotch as he sat up. But he couldn’t help wonder if last night hadn’t been as good for her as it was for him, then him nearly passing out on her, she must think of him passed his prime and heading for an oap’s home. Shit!

‘Well you don’t have to run off do you? You could stay for breakfast.’ He stumbled over the words wanting her to stay, to let him prove he could make love to her for longer. He caught the tie of the belt and gently tugged it, holding on when she tried to get him to let go, pulling it till she had to sit on the bed or end up in a tug of war. This woman made him feel like a teenager again after he’d slept with his girl for the first time.

Al looked into Tico’s questioning glance, wondering why he wanted her to stay; hell if a man had fallen asleep on her she’d want him out pdq! ‘Tico, look I’m really sorry …. But …’ She started to say sorry for falling asleep.

Tico, embarrassed, thinking she was going to can his ass, butted in ‘Al, please let me have one more chance …….’

Both together they said, ‘I never meant to fall asleep I’m sorry!’ Al finished.

‘I won’t fall asleep on you, please.’ Tico came to a grinding halt.

They looked at one another, Tico slowly started to grin, ‘Did you say you fell asleep on me?’

‘You said you fell asleep?’ Al couldn’t believe it. ‘I thought you’d be pissed at me cause I crashed, but you did too?’ She started to laugh, tears quickly forming.

Tico couldn’t help himself he scooped her into his arms and held her tight as they both laughed themselves nearly sick.

Five minutes later they both calmed down to a snicker.

‘So you thought I’d be pissed that you’d fallen asleep on me and vice versa huh.’ Tico snickered again. He couldn’t believe how they’d nearly shafted this relationship, damn was it, before it had even started.

‘Yeah I was so flaming embarrassed I nearly died when I realised you were awake, and laying here looking like a sex god, and all I could think was why you weren’t trying to kick my butt out the door.’ Al said shaking her head, still feeling a little stupid.

‘Sex god huh?’ He grinned, ‘Hold that thought darlin.’ He said leaning in an softly kissing her, then pulling away, jumping naked out of bed and legging it to the bathroom, Al’s laughter following him.

Al nearly screamed when a thundering noise came from the room door.

‘Come on stud get your lazy ass up and let that hot woman up for air.’ Came, Richie’s, Jon’s and David’s voices and laughter, all of them banging on the door again!

Al decided to play them at their own game, and got off the bed and headed for the door. She checked in the mirror, mussing her hair up and slipping the robe nearly off one shoulder. Making sure she tightened the belt so it wouldn’t fall undone in front of them.

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