Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 10

Al and Mike where still engrossed in their conversation, but were now on American football, he was amazed that a woman all the way over in the UK would be interested in it, she blew his mind. But as she said, she didn’t really understand the games rules and regulations, just like what she liked, and she shouted for several teams, NYG, Bear, Pats to name a few, not like Americans who were born and raised to love one team.

They’d down a few drinks, and she’d stopped checking the door for him, and really got into the conversation. But Mike ever the head of security had been in ear piece contact with his crew since they reached the hotel, not that he’d told Al that! And knew Teek was on his way. Fuck that was a damn fast shower, and he’d not waited for the others like they normally did. It must be love!

‘Damn I’ve gotta use the loo, tanks on full, be right back.’ She hopped off the stool and headed for the toilet.

As she headed out one door Tico came in the other. Mike grinned as Tico spotted him and started to hurry over, but got caught by fans waiting to meet and greet the band. He saw Tico’s frown from way over at the bar and laughed. But Tico the ever gracious man that he was started to sign books, shake hands and schmooze his way across the room. But being the only member to be in the bar he got mobbed. Mike told his team only to rescue him if he really needs it, otherwise let him suffer a bit more. The security team all laughed their asses off at that; they all knew Tico wanted to get to the mystery woman Mike was in charge of.

Al walked back to Mike, she was having a whale of a time talking to him, but she hoped Tico wouldn’t be much longer, her nerves were killing her. She looked towards the door but didn’t see Tico surrounded by fans. She hopped back up on the stool, Mike handed her a fresh drink, and she looked up at him frowning. ‘Tell me is it your job to get your bosses targets drunk off their asses so we’re easy for them to hit on?’

Mike nearly spat his malt across the bar, she looked so serious, ‘No it’s not, I would never pimp for one of the guys and they’d never ask me too either! How the hell did you ever think that of me?’ He looked shocked and injured all at the same time.

Al couldn’t help it she went under, tears streamed down her face, looking at him again and seeing the shocked WTF look made her worse and she was gasping for breath. The bartender and some of the guests looked at her, wondering what had set her off.

She finally looked up at him and said simply ‘Got ya!’ And she peeled off into another fit of laughter at his dumbfounded gaze.

Mike realised he’d been played as soon as she started to laugh her cute little butt of. Fuck! He could hear laughter on his head set, he’d never live this one down, and no one had ever pulled one over him, till today. Damn! His lips twitched, they he roared with laughter too, damn his sides hurt.

Tico’s head snapped up when he heard laughter, there at the bar stood Al with Mike, both laughing their asses off. He grinned wondering what had set them off. He excused himself from the group wishing them a great evening, and started towards the bar, determination etched on his face.

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