Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 25

They changed and headed out to the car, it was now well passed eight. They were talking about dinner and where they should go. Piling in Al again took shotgun. Looking at them making plans she put her two cents in, ‘Hey, I need to go home guys!’ None of them heard her.


Silence descended on the car, and all eyes turned to her. ‘I need to go home!’

Richie was the first to recover, ‘Well of course you do darlin, and you need to change for dinner. Can’t take our girl out without letting her get gussied up can we boys?’ The whole car agreed with him.

Al didn’t know what to do, this couldn’t go on. She started to panic a little. They just tried to steam roller over her. She bit her lip nervously. Damn!

‘Ok, give JJ you’re address and we’ll head there now, and wait while you grab some gear.’ This came from Jon, the rest agreeing with him.

Al didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, they meant well, but hell it just felt like she was dreaming all of this. She looked towards Tico; he was trying again for the puppy look, begging her to agree.

‘Tico, necesito ir a casa. ¡Por favor, no estoy seguro si puedo hacer frente a esto más! Es justo a surreal. Miel, me siento como estoy siendo vapor rollered.’ (Tico, I need to go home. Please, I'm not certain if I can cope with this any more! It's just too surreal. Honey, I feel like I'm being steam rollered.)

‘Pero darlin, dijimos que nos familiarizaríamos con. Deseo familiarizarme con le. Le deseo en mi vida. Por favor, salga con nosotros. Podemos hablar, usted podemos en pasado darme respuestas a todas esas preguntas de anterior. Si usted quisiera que pidiera, no estoy sobre hacerlo, si le significa que permanece con mí un poco más largo.’ (But darlin, we said we'd get to know each other. I want to get to know you. I want you in my life. Please, come out with us. We can talk; you can at last give me answers to all those questions from earlier. If you want me to beg, I'm not above doing it, if it means you staying with me a little longer.) He all but growled at her, knowing the deeper and rougher his voice got the more she was likely to say yes.

It was like watching one of those Spanish soaps on TV, you’d no idea what they were saying, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to change the channel. That’s how the rest of the car load saw it.

‘¡Maldígalo Tico, de que es secreto!’ (Damn it Tico, that's underhanded!) Al glared at him, but felt her self starting to give in. She wanted to spend as much time with him as she could. If it was only a few days, she’d take them, storing away the memories for when he’d gone.

Fluttering his eyelashes he asked her, ‘What’s underhanded querido (darling)?’ He grinned devilishly.

‘You know damn well Torres!’ She turned in her seat so she wasn’t looking at him or any of the others. Grinning she gave JJ the directions.

‘Damn Teek, she’s got a temper on her and maaan she can rattle off Spanish like a native.
Anyone would think she’s got Italian blood in her veins.’ Jon laughed.

‘Idiot ridente di conservazione! Potreste ottenere appena una scossa fucking!’ (Keep laughing idiot! You might just get a fucking shock!)

Jon’s jaw dropped and Richie choked on a snicker, both looking at the back of her head, mouthing at one another ‘Holy shit!’

‘Well damn, she got you didn’t she Kidd.’ Tico laughed himself silly at the look Jon and Richie had on their faces.

‘If she knows Hebrew I’m gonna marry her.’ David piped up, looking hopefully at Al’s head.

‘Nope C.D you’re safe, and so am I.’ came the rapid response from her.

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