Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 18

They walked into the hotel dinning room and were immediately greeted with whistles and cat calls from the men impatiently waiting for them. The guys were nudging each other as they realised she must have on one of Tico’s shirt, and damn she filled it out in all the right places. They were jealous, but happy for Tico.

Al held onto Tico’s hand for dear life and walked behind him, blushing.

‘Aw shut the fuck up! I never give you assholes this much fuckin grief when you get a woman in your room. So shut the hell up, cant you see your being dicks and making Al wish she’d gone home.’ Tico growled at the idiots sat watching them. He pulled her forward and tucked his arm about her waist.

Jon, Rich, and Dave snapped their mouths closed. Tony, Hugh and Obie just rolled their eyes. ‘But Teek you’ve never done this before and we so gotta wind you up man.’ Rich complained, Dave nodding, his curls bouncing up and down.

Jon said nothing but got up and walked to Al. He stood in front of her and she looked up into those gorgeous sparkling blue eyes of his. He took her hand, ‘Al darlin, if we’ve embarrassed you we are truly sorry. You’ve got to understand as we’ve said Teek has always been the one who never jumped a woman like he did to you last night. We don’t want you to leave, hell the way he was acting you can come on stage every night, hell on tour. It makes the old dog frisky for a change.’ Jon winked at her, leaned down and pecked her on the cheek.

Tico punched Jon in the shoulder and made the younger man wince, ‘Old dog, ya fucker.’ But he laughed as he said it. They gave each other a hug to show no hard feelings, Tico letting go of Al for a second. The next thing he heard was a squeak and a laugh, and the whoosh of air as she was yanked from his side.

‘Sambora what the hell have I said about man handling my woman?!!!!’

‘Can’t remember!’ Laughed Richie as he whisked Al and himself out of Tico’s range, he dipped her and slapped a sloppy kiss on her. ‘Mornin darlin.’ A wicked glint in those chocolate eyes told Al he was playing. ‘That combination of top and bra just make me wanna dry hump ya! He laughed his ass off. With that she was twirled out of his arms and into David’s.

‘Hey doll.’ He grinned at her and again she was dipped and kissed. ‘Hell I agree with Sambora, Teek your shirts never looked so damn good!’ Damn a woman could get motion sickness and whiplash with this lot as again she was twirled, landing into Hugh’s arms, again the dip and kiss, passing onto Tony and Obie in turn, both dipping and kissing her.

She finally twirled into Jon’s arms, where he too dipped her low and landed a smacker of a kiss on her lips. He leered down at her open shirt and wiggled his eyebrows, twirling her again, and landing her back into Tico’s arms, who scowled at the men grinning like idiots? Then proceeded to dip her and lay one hell of a hot steamy lip lock on her. Pulling her upright he too grinned, looking around the table he levelled each of the men with a stare, ‘You fuckers ever do that again and I swear to God I’ll have a hit put on your asses. Get it?’

All the men nodded, and then proceeded to laugh themselves stupid.

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