Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 8

The band finished on ‘Story of my Life’ unusual but the crowd loved it. They took there bows, slapping each other and waving to the fans, then calmly walked off stage.

Tico was looking for Al, but couldn’t spot her. He hoped to hell Mike had hold of her. Towels were thrown over his shoulders and they were all ushered to their cars. A clockwork system being in place had them on their way within minutes, and at the hotel not long after.

They got out of the cars and some fans were waiting for them, so they did a quick pic and autograph stop, chatting to the fans. Tico was looking like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, he still hadn’t seen Al.

Richie noticed Tico looking about and grinned, since his divorce a year ago Tico hadn’t looked at any women, let alone kissed their face off. He slapped Teek on the shoulder, ‘Don’t worry man, Mike won’t let anything happen to her, she’ll be here, chill.’

Tico grinned sheepishly up at Rich, and nodded. ‘Yeah I know but I just don’t want to loose her, she’s a special woman.’ Tico grinned up at Rich and he nodded and gave him a quick hug for comfort.

They went into the hotel and straight to their rooms so they could grab a quick shower and head off to the after show party in the hotels ballroom. They laughed and joked in the lift till they reached the top floor, which was all theirs.

‘Teek, do you realise we’ve never in 26 years, seen you act that way with a woman, even your ex’s!’ Dave pointed out to him, the others agreeing with him.

Tico held his hands up in surrender, ‘Hell, tell me something I don’t know! She caught my eye cause she was the only woman not watching Jonny or Rich shaking their asses. That alone warranted a closer look.’ Everyone cracked up because it was so true.

They all tumbled out of the lift and headed to their own rooms. Tico prayed that when he opened his, Al would be there. Taking a deep breath he opened the door. Fuck she wasn’t there. Where the hell had Mike stashed her? He opened his cell, scrolled down and hit call.

‘Mike the woman sitter here.’ Came the chirpy answer.

‘Where the fuck is she you asshole?!’ Tico growled down the phone.

Mike just laughed, ‘Here someone wants to talk to you.’ He thrust the phone at Al.

‘Hello!’ A hesitant voice answered. Tico sighed and started to calm down.

‘Hey little darlin, where’s he got you, I expected to see you soon as we got off stage, but you weren’t there, what happened.’ While talking he peeled off his sweaty T and soaking wet jeans, no underwear as was his ritual when playing a gig.

‘We tried to get to you, but the rest of Mike’s security team had you out the door before we could get there. Mike wasn’t a happy bunny when they realised you’d gone and I was stuck there. He commandeered a motorbike from some poor bloke and we’ve literally just got here. He’s taking me into the ballroom, I’m gonna take pics till you show up.’ She heard something that distinctly sounded like a zip undoing, and swallow hard. ‘Erm …. Tico, what are you doing?’

He gave a dirty chuckle, and turned on the shower, moving the phone nearer it so she could hear the water; pulling it away he grinned when he heard her moan, and then gasped when his dick decided it liked that sound. ‘Well baby, I need to shower, and I had hoped you might be up here to help wash my back, but looks like I’m on my own.’ He laughed again as she let out a mortified groan.

‘Shit you don’t play fair, do you? Hurry up and get your cute little Cuban ass washed and down here before I find someone else to occupy my time and hands with.’ She snapped Mike’s phone closed on him before he could say anything, and smirked.

Mike took the phone back laughing at how she’d ended the conversation with Teek; he knew he’d be down as fast as humanly possible to deal with this firecracker he’d landed. ‘Let’s get you a drink babe. What do you want?’ He dragged her behind him, not letting go of her.

‘Will you please stop calling me babe? I’m not a friggin pig! She shot at him.

‘Well I would but no one actually told me your name and you haven’t thrown it at me.’ He smiled down at her, noticing her cheeks go beet red.

‘Oooh my God, I’m sorry I didn’t realise.’ She held her hand out grinning up at him, ‘Hi Mike my names Alice or Al for short. How’d you do?’ She giggled when his large hand engulfed hers and squeezed gently.

‘Nice to finally meet you Alice.’ He said, and they both fell about laughing again. ‘Drink?’

‘Yeah I’ll have a jack and coke please.’

‘Lord not another one who drinks that crap!’ Mike delicately shuddered.

‘Hey I happen to like that drink.’ She told him snootily while he caught the bartenders’ eye.

‘Yeah so do some of the band, Jon starts off with it then hits the wine later.’ He rolled his eyes.
That started off a heated debate as to the best way to drink whiskey and what sort was the best to drink.

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