Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 5

Jon danced off shaking his money maker at the crowd again, women nearly cuming in their panties. Al stood there like a deer in the headlights! Richie went over and shoulder bumped her, and grinned when she snapped out of her daze. She blindsided him with a brilliant smile, took her camera and started to shoot him, he mugged up even more, if that’s possible.

After taking loads of pics of him, she realised she was boiling, so walking up to where Tico’s drums were, she put her camera down, and took off her jacket, she thought she heard someone say ‘Fuck’ but she wasn’t sure. She glanced up at Tico, his eyes hot and heavy staring at her chest.

Richie walked by again, and Hugh joined him, they both stood there looking at her back. Turning she saw them and said ‘What?’ They both laughed and looked at her chest, laughing even harder. Glancing down she felt her face grow hot. She’d forgotten which T she’d worn. Blazoned on the back, which Tico hadn’t seen where the words ‘I’m with the drummer, he can bang on me all night,’ on the front it read ‘TicosTotty.’ And as she loathed the high necks of T’s, she’d sliced it from the neck down which showed off her generous cleavage. She prayed the floor would open up and swallow her whole.

Jon notice Hugh and Richie standing around Al, laughing. ‘Aw fuck you guys are we ever gonna finish this gig tonight? What’s so funny me and the gang wanna know?’ The crowd roared behind him.

Richie moved out of the way and they stood either side of Al. The camera man zoomed in on the front of the shirt and the crowd burst out laughing. Richie took hold of a shaking Al and turned her around so they could see the backside of the T. Jon cracked up along with the audience.

‘Well Teek sure looks like she’s with ya don’t it?’

Tico sat there with a big ass grin on his face. This woman seemed to have a sense of humour too. Bloody wonderful!

Al pushed Richie away from her, her face still flaming and started taking pictures again, trying to take her mind off what had just happened. The boys laughed and strutted back to their spots on the stage. She had some great ass shots of both Jon and Richie. Her friends would so love her.

The guys launched into ‘Put the Boy Back in Cowboy’ a song she just loved from this album, and as she was taking pictures of David, she was singing along with them, totally lost in what she was doing. David noticed her singing as she took some shots of him and grinned at her.
Hugh wasn’t missed out either, she was always a wee bit miffed that there were hardly any professional shots of him, he always looked like he was enjoying concerts, smiling and laughing at the fans. It upset quite a few fans as they loved Hughie.

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