Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 17

After their talk they quickly got dressed. Al decided that she couldn’t go down in the night befores T, so she did what Tico said and mooched through his T’s and shirts. She laughed lightly; most of them were black T’s. Grinning she walked into the wardrobe to see what else he had.

Teek watched her with a hunger as she snickered over his clothing. He grinned himself, his philosophy on clothes was, if I like it, I’ll damn well wear it! This was much to Jonny’s and Rich’s disgust. So black T’s reigned, he was cool with that. But he could see Al was looking a little frustrated. Then he heard her give out a ‘wow’ and wondered what she’d found, walking after her.

Al couldn’t believe all the black in his clothing, she rolled her eyes. Mind you she couldn’t talk, fashion didn’t come high on her list, and T’s and jeans were about the norm for her, and yeah, usually black, she grinned again. Running her hand over his shirts her hand settled on a gorgeous white silk shirt, it was so damn soft, her hand gently caressed it. Lord it was wonderful.

She jumped as she heard Tico say, ‘Why don’t you try it on.’ He stood there in tight jeans and the black T and a grin on his face, which was slowly slipping as he watched her hands fondle the shirt, his throat closing as he remembered those wicked hands on him …………… Fuck he needed to stop that line on thought now!

‘But Tico this is gorgeous, Oh God it’s an Armani! Damn I couldn’t wear this it costs a packet.’ She starts to hang it back up till Tico takes it from her and holds it open for her.

‘Darlin it’s a damn shirt, I’ve worn it what once, and it was probably a freebie, so put the damn thing on woman!’ He grinned at her, ‘Otherwise I’ll throw you over my shoulder and take you down for brunch in your jeans and bra, I’m sure the guys would approve.’ He chuckled, thinking of his brother’s faces if she did, he’d have to kill em.

She laughed at him, lord he was a darling. She turned and slipped her arms into it, and he reached around and started to button it up, leaving the top three buttons undone, showing a generous amount of cleavage. He snuck in a couple of gropes while he ‘helped’ her into the shirt. Turning her around, he stood back and groaned. Damn he wanted to throw her back down on the bed and muss her the hell back up again. She eyes looked slumberous and filled with lust, her lips parted, and her tongue flicking out to wet her dried lips. He took a step forward and made himself stop, if he touched her now he’d never get down to that damn interview! Fuck!

Al watched him battle with himself, as she did. Just Tico fondling her and brushing her breasts as he buttoned the shirt nearly had her cuming. Damn the man! He knew exactly what he was doing to her.

He swallowed hard, ‘Take a look and see what you think.’ He adjusted his jeans a bit, and she grinned, he smirked.

She walked to the full sized mirror and did the, this way and that move, checking herself out. It was a tiny bit big but unless it was a T she liked things a bit loose. She snickered again thinking how broad he was, but there was only a little room left for her breast so they didn’t strain the buttons. She rolled the sleeves up to her elbows, yeah not too shabby, just a shame she’d got a black bra on. But what the hell women wore things like this all the time.

‘Ok I’m ready as I’ll ever be.’

Tico held his hand out for her and together they left the room, just as the phone started to ring again. They both rolled their eyes and headed for the lift.

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