Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Chapter 21

She wandered back to the studio and bumped into Frank, literally. ‘Oh I’m so sorry; I wasn’t looking where I was going.’ She smiled at him, this man was funny, she watched him over the years, especially when he’d had Jon on.

‘That’s ok, you with the band?’

‘Yeah, well sort of.’ She reddened a little.

‘Sort of, do tell.’ He had a big grin on his face.

She was saved by Mike wandering by, she hadn’t seem him, but knew he’d be about somewhere. ‘Hey Al, are ya having a good time? Do you need anything, Tico told me to find you asap.’ He rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically.

‘Hey Mike, I’m fine, can’t even go to the loo without being tagged.’ She too rolled her eyes.

Frank realised this was who the men were on about earlier, shaking her ass. ‘So are you with the band or what does sort of mean.’ His eyes fell to the generous amount of boobs she was showing, nice.

‘It means, Frank, she’s here as a favour to Tico.’ Jon said coming up behind them and slipping his arm about Al’s waist. ‘And to keep us boys in line, it’s a tough job but she’s more than capable.’ He leaned over and pecked her cheek.

‘Hey I’m no baby sitter bub! And there’s no way in hell I’d even try to keep you lot in line.’ She played up with a totally shocked face, and rolled her eyes at Frank.

‘But angel, we gave you that whip last night and you seemed to know how to use it!’ Jon went with it, having a blast at Frank’s expense.

‘Yeah but damn it those five inch thigh high boots nearly crippled me. And look next time I’m not borrowing them off Richie his feet are just too damn big.’ She grinned evilly at Jon, Frank’s head swinging back and forth like watching tennis, his mouth open jaw nearly on the floor with shock.

‘Well if you’d have said something woman, mine should fit ya fine!’ At this point Frank started to make funny noises.

‘But Jooon you were wearing the bloody things!!!!!’

Frank choked on a gasp, then realised that he was hearing muffled laughter from behind him. Turning he saw the rest of the band and their roadies and his techs trying to stifle their laughter and tears were running down their faces. He looked back to Jon and this Al and he saw them laughing too, and it finally sunk in he’d been had!

‘Jon! You fuckin bastard!’ With that everyone about him let rip with laughing loudly.

‘Aww damn Frank, you’re just too damn easy to punk, you’re not worth it buddy.’

Tico walked over and pushed Jon out of the way, reclaiming Al. He leaned over and kissed her hotly. Franks eyes grew wide. ‘Woman, everytime I leave you alone do you end up messing with someone’s mind.’ He kissed her again.

Frank had now totally lost it. Was she with the Jon, the band or Tico? He noticed her arms sneaking up and about Tico’s neck and Tico’s hands moving down and moulding her ass their kiss deepening.

‘Fuck Teek put her down will ya; you’ll make us all horny!’ Richie bellowed, rolling his eyes, ‘You just can’t put her down.’

Al started hearing Richie, coming out of the zone she went into when Tico kissed her. ‘You’re just jealous cause your not getting any so shove it Sambora.’ Al flicked him the bird.

‘Ya think honey. After watching you and Teek get it on we’re gonna have to all go and jerk off.’ He glared down at her, but she could see the mirth hiding there. She laughed at the picture he painted.

Tony decided enough was enough, ‘Ok assholes time to get back to work. Rich, man give all our secrets out, please! Tico, you’re gonna have to let her go bro. Al sweetheart, you need to come with me out of their sight for a while, and let em calm the fuck down.’ He held out his hand.

‘Aw Tony, if you wanted to play all ya had to do was ask darlin.’ Al said as she walked towards him, and proceeded to walk her fingers up his chest, moving so she got into his space and made him back up a couple of steps, she smirked.

Tico barked out a laugh. The others looked at him, then back at Tony. Tony sighed, shook his head and grabbed the wandering hand and started to walk off with Al in tow. Al blowing kisses at the boys, the boys laughing.

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