Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Chapter 109

Chapter 109

After a little while Al decided to check on Jon and if he was awake to have little chat, she grabbed a couple of cans. ‘If you excuse me, I’ll go and see how ball boys doing.’ That elicited snickers from the men at the table.

She walked upstairs and quietly pushed open the door then jumped when Jon said ‘Long as you leave the paperweight out there you can come in darlin.’

‘Jesus I really thought you were asleep, way to give a girl a heart attack blondie!’

Jon realised she’d joked with him and looking at her she seemed somewhat happier.

‘We need to talk Jon.’ The worried look on his face made her smile inwardly. Sitting down on the bed next to him she motioned him if he wanted a can, he nodded and gently, with a wince or three, sat up. Ally gulped and prayed his sheet would stay above the waist; it did by the skin of its teeth!

He took the can and motioned her to start, praying nothing else had gone wrong.

With faltering speech she started to tell him about her ex, her voice growing as she told him the whole shitty thing. As she talked Jon realised why Liz was pissed with him, she must have gone through Ally’s break up with her. She’d seen first hand what lying could do to a person, fuck he really had screwed the pooch!

‘I finally confessed this to Teek, and I thought you needed to hear this too. Liz takes on my role as protector, even thought I don’t need it.’

‘My balls would agree with ya there Ally.’

‘She saw me after he’d gone, I didn’t cry, I just didn’t want to be about people, I thought no one could understand how stupid I felt. I wanted to hide away and forget all about the idiot I’d made of myself. Liz fought me tooth and nail, and dragged me kicking and screaming back into the world. It wasn’t till today I finally cried over what I’d let him make me into, I didn’t like it and won’t go back there.’

‘Ally I can only say I’m sorry, and I’ll keep saying it till you believe me. I can’t take it back, but I can make certain I don’t do it again.’

‘I know Jon, I know, but it doesn’t change my punishment. When Anna gives you the all clear, you leave. If I give in and let you stay, I don’t think I could live with myself..’

Jon reached over and took her hand, pulling her gently into his arms and cuddling her, kissing her forehead. ‘I totally understand, I won’t beg to stay, like I want.’ He felt her grin on his shoulder, ‘I respect you for sticking to your guns, and as soon as Anna says okay, we’re out of here. But I take it Tico gets to stay?’ He held his breath praying she’d say yes.

‘He can stay.’ And as Jon hugged her even more, ‘But he won’t be sleeping in my bed for a while! He’ll get his own punishment.’

‘Well damn baby I’d think he’d prefer being kicked out to being thrown out of your bed. He may not like it.’

‘He already knows, and you’re right he didn’t like it, but he’d agreed to it. David’s moving into Hugh’s room seeing as he’s gone to shack up with Mandy.’ She grinned, she liked Hugh, and they made a good pair.

‘Damn that boy’s fast! I didn’t know he’d got it in him, always the freakin quite ones!’ He chuckled. ‘Why’s Dave moving in there?’

‘Because he’s been kicked out, the girls have taken over that room. Colt and Jess have taken over the cinema room. Romeo is getting a bed in here with you and Hector will have a bed in my room, along with your mom, till Tico’s let back in.’

‘Wow really making sure Teek doesn’t get a chance to change your mind there Ally.’ He laughed outright.

‘Yeah and you don’t get the chance to change Liz’s mind either nad man!’ She watched as the penny dropped.



Then they both laughed, and lay there for a while just talking and shooting the breeze, still cuddled up together.

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Opester said...

Glad things worked out and that Al found the strength to tell Jon her story. I'd hoped she might relent, seeing the difference between Jon's lie and her ex's, but it looks like she feels the need to follow through with what she had said, though I think she's punished him quite enough and hit him where it really hurts, LOL!