Monday, 1 September 2008

Chapter 110

A little later that’s how Tico found them, curled up in bed talking. ‘Jesus can’t you guys find your own damn women and leave mine alone?’

‘Take it you had to come and see if I’d killed him yet.’ Her eyes sparkled with laughter.

‘Yeah, it was too quite, no screaming and moaning, oh damn sorry that’s only when your jackin off ain’t it Kidd.’

‘Yeah and he can’t play on his own till the boys are better, can you boo?’ Al fluttered her lashes at him and crossed her eyes.

Jon groaned as he laughed, ‘That’s it make them hurt more by makin me laugh, evil bitch!’

‘Aw but ya love me, don’t cha?’ She giggled, they’d talked and made their peace and now were acting like brother and sister, razzing the hell out of each other, again!

He heaved a sigh, ‘Damn Teek how the hell you put up with this one I’ll never know.’

‘I love her bro, that simple.’

Al blushed at the love shining from his eyes; yeah he did love her, probably the first and only man too.

‘Oh yeah the boys are ready to drowned you and wanted you to know they await you in your bathroom, along with mamma C for back up.’

‘God it’s seven already. Okay blondie, take your meds and I’ll get Rich to set up the bed for Romeo. And no, Romeo won’t sleep with you, one false twitch from your child’s foot and you’ll be singing soprano.’ She leant over and pecked him on the nose, kissed Teek on the lips and walked out shouting for Richie, David, Tony and Obie to get their asses in gear humping the beds upstairs; as she headed into her room.

‘Damn she’s like a drill sergeant!’

‘Yeah, she may actually be the only one other than the ‘moms’ to keep us in line.’ Tico had a great big grin on his face.

‘So she told you that you get to stay, but not in her room?’

‘Yeah, what she say to you?’

‘She told me she wouldn’t forgive herself if she let me stay, so when I get the all clear, the rest of us will leave till she says it’s okay to come back.’

Tico looked at Jon, usually if he didn’t get his way, he threw his rattle out of the pram, ‘And you’re okay with that?’

‘Teek, I know what I did. Hell I could have really screwed things up for you two. She’s given me a chance to atone for my selfishness and I’m willing to do it.’

‘Fuck bro, you sure you’ve still got your boys? Cause it sure don’t sound like it. You’d normally be screaming from the ceiling.’

‘Yeah I know, but between them Ally and Lizzie have made me realise that I am a diva and not a nice one at that! I need to change my ways! I should have told the truth when she first asked me, I didn’t; but if leaving rights things then I’m willing to do it. We’ve talked, and I’m happy at where we are. Teek, don’t let this one get away, or I may just have to become a Mormon and marry her and Liz myself.’

‘Fuck me; you said the ‘M’ word bro!’ Even in joking Jon very rarely used that word.

Jon’s jaw was swaying in the wind, holy crap he actually thought about marriage and Liz! Talk about coming from left field, ‘Yeah I did, didn’t I!’ a grin lighting his face.

‘Shit man we’ve both got it bad! Downstairs all I could think about was Ally should be sorting our kids out, and being rounded with my child in her.’ He looked at Jon and they both had stupid ass looks on their faces.

‘Looks like we’re screwed man! Hell I’ve got to get Liz talking to me again!’

‘Kidd, I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble, she didn’t want to leave tonight, even after arguing with you. She’s hooked man; you’ve just got use better bait than you’ve been throwing out lately.’

As he went to tell Tico to ‘fuck off’ Richie came in huffing and puffing with the day bed, ‘Damn woman, she’s a damn slave driver!’

‘Stop bitching Lurch and get the thing set up, covers in the airing cupboard in the bathroom!’ Hollered with such lady like manners, not!

‘Told ya, slave driver!’ But after he’d put the bed up, he trotted off to get the sheets and pillowcases.

‘And you thought you’d lost your balls bro!’ They both laughed themselves silly, till Jon curled up in pain.

‘Hell I wish I had!’ This set them off again, Richie came back arms loaded, looking at them like they’d finally lost it.

‘Dude, only Jon’s supposed to take the fuckin pills!’ Which set them off again?

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OMG! Sometimes I am laughing so hard at one of your chapters I can't even START picking out things I like unless I copy the ENTIRE chapter!