Sunday, 14 September 2008

Chapter 117

Anna walked into Jon’s room, and stopped dead; Liz was on the bed and in his arms and some hot and heavy breathing was going on. She coughed discreetly and waited till they reluctantly let go of each other. ‘Morning all how’s my patient today?’

‘Holy crap Anna, what are you wearing?’ Liz’s mouth was a big O as she checked her out.

‘Fuckin hell, lady you are one hot lookin doc! Shit those jeans look like my stage ones!’ He ran his eyes appreciatively over her,

‘Down boy or I’ll give you a shot to calm you down!’ But Anna’s husky chuckle was dirty. ‘Hey Liz, how’s he been? Aw sweetie pick your jaw off the floor.’

‘Damn Mike must have really unclogged your pipes!’ Liz hadn’t seen her so relaxed, in, well forever!

Anna stretched and Jon watched her t-shirt rise and a flat stomach start to appear, talk about going straight to hell! ‘Yeah I’ve never spent twelve solid hours making love before! It’s tiring, but I feel so alive it’s unreal!’ She snickered at Jon’s look of relief as her t met her jeans again. ‘Ok rock star let’s check out your boys.’ And before Jon could protest she expertly flicked off his sheets.

‘Damnit woman!’ Jon went beet red and tried to cover himself. ‘You said Sunday, not today!’

‘Oh for god’s sake, I’ve seen them before or did you think the testicle fairy had been by to have a good grope?’ She rolled her eyes, yanked on some gloves, snapping them in place, and pried his hands from the boys. ‘And I thought I’d check on you seeing as I’m here.’

Liz was still stunned, ‘Twelve hours?’

‘Yes and he’s delish in the sack, all that muscle and damn he’s got moves that’d put Jon here to shame.’

‘Please for the love of god, stop talking about Mike’s moves while you touch my boys!’ He laid there arm slung over his eyes trying not to picture Mike’s moves, he shuddered.

‘Aw sorry honey, too real for you there?’ Anna smirked at him finishing off her exam.

‘Darlin, no man wants to hear about another man when a woman’s got her hands on him!’ He gingerly pulled the sheet up to cover him again; it was unusual that a woman could make him feel naked, when he was. But she just looked at him and handled him like he wasn’t who he was, it felt weird.

‘Well Jon, I hate to tell you this ….’

‘What, did you miss something yesterday?’

‘Nope, the swellings gone down very fast actually, you weren’t as badly hurt as I first thought, they just bruised easily, and seeing as you don’t wear underwear.’ Both Liz and Anna laughed at his groan, hell they were fans, what he expect? ‘You should be fine to get up and wear some baggy sweats or something, but you can get up, later,and move about a bit.’ She waited to see if he realised what this meant.

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