Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Chapter 114

Half an hour later she’d snuck back out of her room washed and dressed. She’d quickly checked on everyone and they were flat out. She’d peaked in Jon’s room and checked that the tablet she’d left there last night for this morning had gone, it had.

Satisfied everyone was ok upstairs she headed down again. Walking through the main room she didn’t see Tico, looks like he’d gone to get cleaned up. His pillow and duvet were on the floor by the fire all nice and neat. And for a second she felt bad he’d slept there like some errant husband who was in the dog house, but only for a second.

She headed down to see how the boys were; they were their father’s sons, snoring their butts of. Chuckling she headed back upstairs and wandered into the kitchen.

By the time Tico reappeared she’d got the coffee on and was beating eggs ready for scrambling. Two mugs of coffee sat side by side, he checked and picked up the one that was black. ‘Thanks, right what do you want me to do?’

It was on the tip of her tongue to say ‘me’ but she caught it just in time. ‘If you can go and get more cartons of orange juice from downstairs and bring up some more bacon and sausage it’d be a help. I’ve seen you guys pack food away and your children, I’ve a feeling I’m sending you lot shopping again later.’

Laughing at her apt description he went off to do her bidding. When the last of the eggs were ready she put them back into the fridge, grabbed her coffee and headed outside for a breath of fresh air, and that’s where Tico joined her a few minutes later.

‘Taking a rest before the hoards wake up and want feeding?’ The back of the house had surprised him when he’d first come out. It was all fenced in by a twenty foot fence, but it didn’t feel closed it. She’d got a deck, then it went to grass and she’d made various nooks and crannies for seating with hedges so you could have privacy but see anyone else in the garden. Then beyond that, another hedge which looked like the end of the garden, but when you walked up to it you notice it overshot one side which the children found in under two minutes of being outside, and when you stepped passed it, there was a swimming pool! The kids had been beside themselves. Al confessed that before him and the guys had landed, she’d swum each morning and most evenings, but since they’d arrived she’d not been near it.

She sat on a lounge chair, feet tucked up under her, sipping her coffee, to Tico she’d never looked more adorable. He made her scoot over as he sat down next to her. ‘Hey there are more places to sit.’ He put his legs out in front and turned her so she sat sideways and her legs pulled over his thighs

‘Yeah but I like being next to you miel.’ He took a drink of his coffee then pulled out a cigar. Al nearly groaned again, she love the smell of a cigar, in fact she’d been known to smoke the occasional one, not that she’d told him that, yet. She watched him trim the ends, and take out his lighter as he started sucking on it she’d pictured him doing the same thing to her breasts, they responded by becoming erect and painful with need, shit!

They sat there for quite some time taking in the morning sun; the fence seemed to turn her garden into a suntrap. ‘What’s the time?’ She knew the first thing he did after getting dressed was to put his watch on, a foible of his.

‘Ten twenty.’ He noticed her feet rubbing together, bare as was usual. He took each one in his hands and started to massage warmth back into them. ‘Darlin they’re freezing!’

‘Well till you dragged them out I’d got them toasty beneath me, so your fault shorty!’ She smirked, hell he was the same height as she was.

With a growl of outrage he swiftly pulled her across onto his lap fully, and burrowing his hand into her hair anchored her so he could kiss her silly. That was how Carol found them several minutes later.

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