Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Chapter 120

She knocked ‘You decent in there blondie?’

‘Yeah, come on in baby.’

‘Well damn you’re no fun!’ Opening the door she realised he was in the bathroom. ‘What are you doing? Or don’t I want to know.’

The slightly ajar door opened more and a rumpled Jon walked out. Even hobbling he looked damn fine! His hair looked like he’d been raking his hands through it, giving it a just got out of bed look. He’d pulled on some grey tatty sweats and a navy blue hoodie, and bare feet. ‘I was getting dressed, nosy bitch.’ He leant down and pecked her cheek, trying to convey he held no grudge that they had to go. ‘It’s ok, I’ve already phoned the hotel, and the buss will pick us up about eight if that’s ok with you?’

‘Aw damn there’s no need to run out of here! I feel like a heel now.’ She sat on the edge of the bed, head in hands.

He sat next to her and slung his arm about her shoulders pulling her in for a hug, he rested his chin on her head. ‘Darlin, you could never be a heel, the only one round here lately has been me. And I’m sticking to our agreement; you said leave, so we go. I think mom’s already got my room marked as hers.’ He chuckled and squeezed here tighter.

‘Ok, let go, can’t breath!’ She inhaled and thumped his thigh, ‘Killing me won’t get you back in the house any quicker, bub!’

‘Damn, saw through my plan! I must be slipping.’

‘Yeah the older you get ……’

‘Hey you’re older than me!

‘Yeah but men’s brains go faster than women’s, too much crap in them.’

Jon just rolled his eyes, he should have learnt by now she had an answer for almost everything he said! ‘So, how long to we have to leave for, cause I [i]know[/i] your not as pissed as you were, hitting me in the nads seemed to have taken the wind out of your sails Ally honey.’

‘Yeah, did me a power of good.’ She chuckled at his pissy look and laughed. ‘Ok, if you leave today, I say you get to come back ….Monday.’

Jon’s jaw hit the floor, she was only making them leave for a day, hot damn, ‘I’ll take it!’ He landed a loud kiss on her lips.

‘Christ Jon I’d hate to think what you’d have done if I said come back tomorrow!’ She started to laugh and he joined in.

He waggled his brows at her, ‘Wanna try it and find out.’ He leered at her.

‘Sweet cheeks, Tico’s just looking for an excuse to pound you further into the ground, don’t go there!’ She hopped up and headed for the door, ‘And Anna says, get your butt back into bed! She knew you’d be up and about.’ She walked out the door shaking her head and laughing at him.

‘It’s my butt and I’ll do what I like shorty!’ Jon groused back at the closing door, all he could hear was her laughing, smartass women!

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