Friday, 19 September 2008

Chapter 119

Al was sat at the breakfast bar, along with Carol, watching the men of Jovi wash up and put away, she did own a dishwasher, but they’d not found it and hadn’t asked. David and Richie had a bubble fight before she threatened to slap them both.

All the children were downstairs, still in their pj’s.

She noticed Anna walk down, as had Mike, Christ he’d got it bad real quick, but from the kiss Anna planted on him, so had she. ‘How’s the rock star then?’

Carol looked up, ‘Hope nothing’s fallen off?’

‘Nope, your boys fine.’ She looked Al in the eyes and arched her brow.

‘What do you mean by fine?’ Al held her breath, she had a feeling.

‘He can move around, the damage isn’t as severe as I first thought, mainly bruising.’ Anna looked at all the men who’d gathered about them, she took a deep breath, ‘Jon says to pack it up boys, and you’ll be leaving later today.’

Stunned silence met her statement. Tico watched the reactions on Al’s face, one was delight he was better, the other, well he wasn’t sure if it was happiness or not that they could go.

All eyes turned to Al, she felt terrible, but she needed to stick to her guns. ‘You guys need to tell the children what’s going to happen, and if any of them want to stay they can do.’

‘Hell Ally, Colt and Jess have moved in, they’re not going anywhere.’ Richie laughed, trying to break the tension. ‘Come on CD let’s go tell the kids, then throw our gear into our bags.’ He slapped David hard on the shoulder making him yelp.

As they walked passed Al they both leant over and kissed her, squeezing her shoulder, making her feel a little better.

Two minutes later Liz came downstairs, and saw Carol, Al and Anna drinking coffee and Al looking like she’d hurt a kitten. The men were nowhere to be found. ‘I see you told them Anna.’ She put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, making Carol chuckle.

‘Yeah, talk about bearer of bad news, thought they were going to kill me.’

‘Oh come on girls, the boys knew they were going to have to leave, they brought it on themselves and deserve to get thrown out. But Teek is staying, isn’t he?’ Carol looked at Al questioningly.

‘Yeah, he’s still staying.’

‘Well at least I’ll get my own room while their gone!’ Carol let out a nasty chuckle.

Al smiled, she’d really hit it off with Carol, she took no shit from any of the men, and they respected her for it.

Anna noticed the guys coming back in and the children surrounding them, she jerked her head at Al, who turned; the sight nearly broke her heart, damn!

Steph walked forward and put her arms about Al, hugging her, ‘Don’t worry, we kids have voted and we’re staying with you and grandma! Dad can pay for his stupidness, but we’re not!’

The older ones confirmed what Steph had said, Gabby and Ava hugging her too.

‘See, they find someone who thinks their wonderful and they dump us from a great height! Just ain’t fair.’ David groused to the others.

‘Aw, bite me old man, you shoulda ratted on Uncle Jon!’ Colton laughed at his father.

‘Hey I can cut you off if you keep that up!’

‘Nah you wouldn’t you love me to much!’ Colton blew a kiss at his dad and laughed. ‘Sides, who’d help you punk my uncles if you cut me off.’ He winked at David, and Al marvelled how alike they were in temperament, and looks.

‘See how he treats me.’ David sighed dramatically, the other just laughed at them.

‘Ok people, let’s get packing!’ Tony yelled and everyone headed for the stairs, laughing and joking.

‘I need to speak to Jon, back in a min.’

‘I’ll be off, gotta go back to work, or my boss will sack me!’

Liz and Al hugged and Al whispered, ‘Is he moving in with you?’

‘Nope! He gets the hotel. We’ve talked and sorted things out. He’s promised never to piss either one of us off again. He did hint, but I didn’t bite, he needs to learn actions have consequences. Now I’m off, I’ll be back after work.’ Louder she said, ‘We still on for Saturday night pizzas?’

Anna, Al and Carol looked at one another, ‘Yep, the kids will love more junk food.’ Al said and they all laughed.

Liz said bye to the other two women, and left.

Al headed to Jon’s room again.

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