Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Chapter 111

By the time the day beds were put up, the kids showered and all hitting the hay it was nearly midnight. Obie and Tony said they’d be back in the morning, about eleven, ready for breakfast.

Al wandered down into the cinema, but found both boys out for the count, snoring happily. She left a small light on in the back and pulled the door nearly closed, she left all the doors open, just in case something went wrong during the night.

She went around checking doors, windows, gas taps, her usual ritual when on her own.

She wandered upstairs and into the girl’s room, she laughed under her breath. Ava was on her back, arms and legs akimbo, blonde hair trailing across the pillow. The pose was one she’d seen of Richie several times on the couches; she was her father’s daughter!

Gabby and Steph shared the double bed, each looking like they’d been cast in stone, the covers had not moved.

Lilly, bless her was clutching a teddy and she looked so like her father, blonde hair all over her face. Shaking her head Al gently moved it off for her and kissed her forehead.

She snuck into Jon’s room, praying he was covered. And not knowing whether to be happy or sad that he was. She walked over to Romeo’s bed, chuckling softly as she looked from child to father. They’d both rolled into the covers cocooning themselves, both looking hot. She gently uncoiled the boy, he muttered in his sleep then settled back down. She thought for a moment, then went to Jon and did the same for him; he too muttered and resettled down. She headed out.

She noticed the light under her office door and went in, David and Richie looked up. Rich was on his laptop, and Dave on her comp.

‘Don’t tell me, Jo and Sandy right?’ They grinned and nodded, ‘Say hi from me and I’ll talk to them tomorrow.’

‘Hey! Where’s our goodnight kisses then? I’m betting you’ve been around the kids and they’ve got one.’ David puckered up at her.

‘Jesus Rashbaum, you big kid!’ But she walked around the table and gave both him and Richie a peck on the cheek. ‘Don’t be up to late; the guys will be back at eleven for breakfast.’ She ruffled both their hairs, then cracked up when she realised what she’d done.

‘Yes mommy, we won’t be long, honest!’ Richie squeaked out at her.

‘Smartass!’ And she cuffed him about the ear. Then she heard laughter and looking at the comps she did a double take. They’d both got their messengers on and the video link open and both mic’s on! ‘Oh hell you could have said something girls!’

Jo looked from Richie’s comp, ‘Hell we were enjoying you playing momma bear with full grown cubs.’ Both she and Sandy laughed, they may not be able to see each other, but they could hear alright, plus they were typing to each other too, but the boys didn’t need to know that.

Al groaned she’d never live this down! ‘On that note I’m going, just don’t make them too hard girls, they may skewer something you need!’ With laughter following her, she headed out closing the door. God help the girls if they ever met the guys in person!

She went into her room, checking on Hector, he looked like an angel sleeping, and she kissed him too, and went to get changed, and swallowed a scream, ‘You’ll make a great momma one day honey.’ Carol had watched her through the door, checking on everyone and the look of love on her face when she’d looked at Hector.

‘God Carol I thought you’d be asleep! You have your eldest tendencies to spook me!’

‘Sorry honey.’ She chuckled, she’d wanted to take the day bed, but Ally had insisted she should take the bed. Carol saw the stubborn look in her eye and gave in with little fight.

‘I’m going to change then get a drink of water, do you need anything?’

‘No, Tico’s been in and grabbed some clothes, I think he’s crashing in Richie’s room.’

‘Good, right I’m going to change. I’ll be back in a while. Night Carol, and I really I’m glad you and the children are here.’

‘So am I honey, so am I. Night.’ With that Carol settled down, she was bone tired and knew the time to get up would come around damn fast.

Al went into the bathroom and completed her ablutions, then silently tiptoed out the room, pulling the door closed a little, and headed downstairs for a drink.

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Anonymous said...

Loving the descriptions - I can just see Ava sprawled out (and can imagine her daddy the same way LOL)

Just one thing I'm confused about - I don't think I've seen a single mention of Jon's son Jake - just Romeo & Jesse...poor little guy didn't get forgotten, did he?