Saturday, 6 September 2008

Chapter 112

Tico laid on the couch a duvet and pillow his only comforts. Hell this was more comfortable than some places he’d slept over the years!

There was no way in hell he’d share with Sambora! The farting nearly gassed him last time, nearly a decade ago, but his memory still threw it at him when Rich suggested it. Dave nearly pissed himself. So here he was till Ally let him back into her bed and he could wrap himself around her soft curves ……. Damn he needed to stop that line of thought, his dick already well ahead of his brain!

He heard someone come down the stairs, he sat up and watched as the figure headed to the fridge, he didn’t need a light to know who it was, he’d know Ally’s figure anywhere.

He watched as she got a glass of water, and eagerly emptied half of it, she closed the fridge and he watched as she slumped back to it, looking like someone who’d got the world on her shoulders.

If he said anything she’d jump a mile, if he didn’t she’d think he’d been spying on her; he decided to lie down and try to sleep.

Al knew that even though she should sleep, she couldn’t! With a deep sigh she hauled herself from the fridge and instead of going back up stairs she aimed towards her studio. Maybe she could channel her restlessness.

He watched her walk passed him, close the door and a light appeared under it. She did what he did when something was bothering him, painted, or she could be throwing a pot or sculpting. Hell there was a hundred things she could be doing in there!

Inside the work room Al had gone to her smithing station, and started to work on a design floating around her head for a necklace. The silver seemed to take on a life of its own as she contorted it this way then that.

Checking her gem stone collection, she picked out the blackest piece of onyx she could find. She took the twisted silver, heated it again, moving and stretching it, then slipped the black stone in between the silver threads, till it nestled inside. She let it cool, and then held it to the light. It looked like the stone had been encased by a spider’s web, but the black seemed to take on a hue of its own from the silver, making it shine more than normal.

She made another silver loop and welded it onto the necklace to take the black leather she strung threw it. Finally adding the silver clasps to it. She set it next to a matching ring that she’d done a few weeks ago, funny how they matched, normally each piece was a separate, but not this time.

She stretched, and groaned, arching her back, checking the time she noticed she’d been working for over two hours, hell she needed her sleep!

Checking then rechecking that all her smelting gear was off and unplugged, she headed out of the door, leaving it ajar for the boys.

Starting to walk back to the stairs she found Tico watching her, ‘What are you doing down here?’ Lord the man looked sinful! ‘Carol said you were bunking with Rich?’

‘Nah he’s like a buzz saw when he gets going, I shared a room with him when we were younger, man I needed ear plugs and a pillow over my head, and some nights it still didn’t drown him out. So here I am.’ He sat up as he talked to her, and noticed her eyes wandering over his bare chest.

‘I hope you’re wearing something under there, otherwise Carol or the girls could get an eye full.’ And damn so could I, was the thought shooting about inside her.

‘Wanna check me out just to satisfy your curiosity?’ He letched at her, waggling his eyebrows and tugging on one of his burns. He saw her swallow when he'd tugged, she wasn’t immune to his charms.

‘Nah, I’ll take your word for it.’


‘Nope, sane!’

He laughed, ‘What were you doing in there?’

‘Making a necklace, the designs been buzzing about my head for days and I couldn’t sleep.’

He patted the couch next to him, ‘Come on sit down and tell me about it.’ He grinned at her hesitancy, ‘I won’t bit miel, unless you ask nicely.’

Al snorted and took the tiger by the tail and sat down, they started to talk about the process they went through to capture an illusive image, and what materials captured what they wanted to say the best.

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