Thursday, 18 September 2008

Chapter 118

Liz was relieved, those bruises had turned nasty.

‘Well that’s wonderful Anna; I can’t wait to get up and..’

Anna cut him off, ‘I said later Jon, and I don’t want you to push it! They’re still going to be tender for several more days, and if you push it too much, they’ll hurt for longer, do I make myself clear?’ She glared down at him, the man she’d lusted after for twenty years, and wanted to slap him. He’d got that look in his eyes that said he’d be trying to jog before the days out! Stupid man.

Jon sighed, looking at her she looked like she’d snap him in half if he wasn’t careful. ‘Yes Anna, I’ll behave.’ And he shot her a killer pout, she knew he’d push the envelope if he could. Well from what she’d seen he was a grown man, let him discover his pain threshold!

‘Well least Liz will make sure you do.’

‘Oh nope sorry, I’m on my lunch break, some of us work for a living. I’m heading back in half an hour; I came to check on him, that’s it.’

‘You mean you’re not going to stay with me?’ He tried a Sambora special on her; she didn’t bite, just rolled her eyes at him.

‘No, you’ve got your friends and family downstairs, hell Jon your mums down there!’

‘Yeah but they’re not you baby.’ Damn he didn’t want her to go.

‘Christ I can smell BS in the morning air, can’t you Anna?’

‘Yeah someone likes to fertilize well.’

Jon huffed, they got him spot on and he didn’t like it. ‘But you’ll be back later won’t you?

‘Cause I will you big baby!’ She rolled her eyes at Anna again, the girls snickered.

‘Well don’t forget he won’t be here.’ Anna waited.

‘What do you mean? Of course he’ll be here.’

‘No he won’t, he’s better.’

Jon’s face fell, he understood what Anna was saying, ‘I’m well, so I can move out today.’ He sighed and weighed the possibility of getting Anna to lie so he could stay. Then mentally slapped himself, shit had he learnt nothing from the last couple of days?

‘Oh god I’d forgotten about that.’ Liz looked a little stunned, looked like Jon’s time was up, unless Al changed her mind.

‘Anna, tell the boys and Al we’ll leave later, I’ve just got to tell the hotel we’re moving back in, I didn’t cancel the rooms just in case something went wrong.’ He held out his hand to her, ‘It was nice to see you Anna, and I think we’ll see lots more of you darlin. But no offence I hope to god you never have your hands on my boys again.’

‘None taken, but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will be something to tell my grandchildren about when I’m on my death bed.’ She took his hand and was surprised when he pulled her down and kissed her on the lips, damn no tongue though she chuckled inwardly.

He released her hand and she walked to Liz and hugged her, and headed for the door, ‘Oh yeah, still no sex for a week, however your boys feel!’ She winked, and walked out the door.

‘I like your girl Lizzie darlin, Mike’s not going to handle that one. Now come here and kiss me.’

‘Nope, you could get excited and strain something that’s mending.’

He lunged and grabbed her, making her squeal and land on the bed, he anchored her with a leg thrown over hers, ‘It didn’t bother you before she came in.’ With that he proceeded to see how much pain he could take, without taking her!

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