Saturday, 27 September 2008

Chapter 121

She wandered into the others bedrooms watching the kids ‘help’ their fathers/uncles pack. She laughed when she realised they were packing everything, expecting to leave for a week or two.

She stuck her head back into Jon’s room, ‘Honey you may want to let the others in on how long you’re leaving for.’ And opened the door to show Jon bags being piled on the landing, he laughed his butt of, wincing, but not caring, it was too funny.

‘Hey jackasses!’ He yelled through the door, they all popped out of their room’s one after the other.

‘What, Kidd!’ David yelled back.

‘The lady says we only have to leave till Monday, so don’t over pack like you girls usually do!’

Tico rounded on Al, ‘A day, that’s it?’ He looked so confused she giggled and kissed him.

‘Yeah well I really think he’s suffered for his idiocy, don’t you?’

‘Nah he needs to stay away for a week or so, and just let us back in on Monday!’ Richie shouted.

‘Not a chance Dean, not a chance.’ Jon called out laughing. Only Al saw the wince, damn she really had done a number on the guy. Shaking her head she went to help Carol pack and turf Jon out.

‘So, we only get a day huh?’ Richie asked Jon when the packing was done. ‘She felt guilty for hitting ya didn’t she?’

‘Yeah, thank God, I’m actually glad she’s made us leave, makes me really realise that she takes us for men, not the Jovi guys. Liz’s just the same, I’m sure these girls are wired differently than other fans.’

‘Nah, they just got a bigger dose of us than other fans and got bored pdq with the ‘rock god’ status. See we tarnish to damn fast now we’re older!’ David shook his head as he wandered in and sat on the bed.

‘So when you two hooking up with erm …. Sandy and Joe then?’ He grinned, he knew these guys too damn well.

The men chuckled, ‘We’ve got dates for when we hit the states, the girls are going to be at our first home concert, and we’ve invited them backstage and drinks after.’ Rich winked.

‘Poor girls.’ Jon laughed.

They all jumped, ‘More like poor guys.’ Al snickered walking in with Carol’s case.

‘Why poor guys? We know they’re not dogs and kool aid drinkers, so what gives girly?’ Dave asked.

‘Oh come on, you really think my girlfriends are going to fawn all over you? Well for a minute or two but after that, nope! They’re exactly like Liz and I are; they’ll chew you up and spit you out if you try any ‘rock god’ crap. Sambora, Joe will have you grovelling for mercy within ten minutes of you meeting her. And Curly well lets just say Sandy may look like a perfect angel who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but step out of line and I won’t play nurse maid to ya.

Both men looked at her, then each other, then rubbed their hands together, ‘Bring them on!’ Was the statement from both of them.

Al rolled her eyes but was glad they’d take that attitude; they really were the men she’d pick for her Jovi sisters!

The rest of the day passed smoothly into evening, even Hugh and Mandy reappeared to lots of good natured teasing. Obie, Tony, Liz, Anna and Mike returned too as it was Saturday night, that meant pizza and a movie night. Al had to laugh when she gave their regular pizza place the order from hell, she was certain she’d heard a quite ‘holy fuck’ as she put the phone down.

Forty-five minutes later the door bell rang and not one pizza guy stood there but three! They started bringing in the boxes and the kids stood back in awe as boxes after boxes were brought in. The aroma of garlic bread wafted through the house and Al started to salivate! She’d ordered enough of it so no one would miss out and they’d gas anyone who they spoke to tomorrow.

The kids headed down into the cinema grabbing prime seats and each carrying some sort of food with them. The adults followed bringing up the rear carrying paper plates, napkins, food, glasses and anything else they could think of.

Al headed into the bar and took out several bottles of wine, and beer, headed back into the cinema and stopped dead in her tracks. The place was full, the laughter and shouting enough to deafen a person. Children of different ages were sat or sprawled over the floor/seats to the front, adults towards the back and acting as food/drinks servers. This is what had been missing from her life. Sure she had her girls, and her work, but a full house of kids and laughter, never. She wiped away the lone tear that ran down her face, ‘Ok, what are we watching?’ She waded in and sat next to Tico, she poured the wine out and except for Rich all adults settled down with pizza and alcohol.

‘We took a vote, so we’re watching ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ trilogy over the next few nights, that’s if it’s ok with you of course Ally?’ Steph blushed prettily.

‘Oh god Jonny Depp, what a man! Honey it’s so fine by me.’ She winked at Steph.

Tico growled!

‘Oh yeah, I love him he’s gorgeous, those eyes.’ Steph sighed and fluttered her lashes, swooning into her chair.

‘Christ not another Depp fan?’ David bitched and all the men rolled their eyes and Jon glowered at Steph, who snickered and blew him a kiss.

‘Yes daddy, he’s got a nicer butt than even you have.’

Jon choked on his slice of pizza, going red in the face till Richie thumped him on the back. ‘You young lady, stop looking at his backside, or any other males backside come to that!’

‘But daddy, I’m a girl; it’s what we look at.’ She wrinkled her nose, hit the play button and ignored the gasping and growling noises coming from her dad, the lights automatically dimmed and went out and the film began.

Next to Jon, David asked him if he needed cardiac paddles to restart his heart.

Jon told him to fuck off.

David laughed saying he’d already gone through it with Gabby a while ago, and his baby girl was turning into a woman.

Jon groaned and slugged back his wine, just as Jonny Depp appeared on screen, and Steph smacked her lips loud enough for him to hear, Al handed him the bottle!

After the film finished they all traipsed upstairs and the men got their gear together, just as the door bell rang heralding the buss.

Goodbyes were passed between fathers and children, then they said bye to Carol and Liz, leaving Al for last. She held the door open for them and as they filed passed they kissed her and walked out the door, all saying ‘I’ll be back’ making her laugh. Everyone headed out to wave goodbye to the buss and the men in it. After they left Liz, Obie, Tony, Anna, Mike, Hugh and Mandy all went too.

The children were shooed back in and the door closed and locked. To Al the quite was un-nerving after earlier, amazing how much noise three men could make!

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