Saturday, 31 May 2008

Chapter 64

They all climbed the stairs, Jon not letting go of Liz’s hand. She didn’t know whether to laugh, run or slap Al! Jesus what a bloody question to ask, she’d kill her best friend, no one would mind, plea of insanity should do. Liz snickered quietly to herself. Bitch, but she loved her.

Reaching the top the whole group walked into the kitchen, getting drinks, no one saying anything. David and Richie were dying to start in on Jon, but Ally had glared at them, and since they didn’t want a repeat of earlier they kept quiet, barely!

Grabbing various drinks and snacks, some people had figured out they were hungry; they started back to the couches.

Tico decided to have a lil fun at Jonny’s expense, ‘Hey Jonny, your mom rang, says you need to phone her asap, to talk about those arrangements! She said you switched your cell off bro, so she phoned Ally.’ Tico cackled as he saw Jon’s pace hesitate, he also heard ‘fuck’ and saw his shoulders slump.

Jon dropped into a couch, put his drink down and never letting go of Liz pulled her down next to him, wrapped his arm about her kissed her forehead, pulled his cell out and prepared to talk in code to his mom. He prayed she’d not said anything to Ally about the kids coming in; mind you she hadn’t exploded, so he was probably one lucky male. His mom picked up on the second ring; he swore she had the damn thing surgically attached to her! ‘Hey mom ………..’ he held the phone away as she lit into him; the others laughed at his discomfort.

Tony was laughed, till Tico told him to turn his damn cell back on, as Momma C had tried to call him too. Tony went beet red and grabbed his cell and switched it on, he would be next in line after Jon had been given a ass whooping!

Al settled onto Tico’s knee and luckily for Jon she tuned everything out; expect the rumbling of Tico’s laughter. Damn it was sexy as hell. She could stay like this forever.

Liz wasn’t sure if she really was awake, she’d made love, or shagged, Jon Bon Jovi and now she was sat here while he talked to him mother! Damn! This really was the weirdest day of her forty odd years. She couldn’t believe that he’d be interested in her, but it seemed he might just be.

She also hoped it might be a little more than just a fling. But whatever it was she’d take what she could get! Not monetary, but physically and emotionally.

She chuckled as she could hear his mum setting light to him; she frowned as she heard something about the children and hoped they were ok. The warmth coming off him started to seep into her and she began to relax into his embrace. She pillowed her head into the crook of his neck, she inhaled, damn he smelt so good, and without thinking she gently kissed his neck. He jumped, hissed and then squeezed her shoulder, his fingers then running up and down her arm.

She also realized his mum had heard the hiss and he told her something had made him jump, to which Richie shouted out ‘Yeah mom a lovely pair of lips, attached to Ally’s friend.’ Loud enough to be heard on the other end of the phone! Without thinking she picked a cushion up and lobbed it at Richie’s head, scoring a direct hit and calling him a jackass! Liz’s eyes went wide as she finally caught up with her actions and felt her face flame.

‘Serves you right Dean, you shouldn’t have told.’ Jon laughed at Richie’s stunned face, then he looked at Liz’s mortified one, leant over and gave her a resounding kiss, ‘Great arm Lizzie darlin.’ He winked at her as she heard his mum demand to know who was kissing her son! Awwww hell!

Richie groaned, ‘Oh Christ! Another one who can stand up for herself! Damn this ain’t gonna be fun, or pretty!’ Putting his head in his hands, he pretended to cry, David slapping him heartily on his back making him wince consoling him. ‘They have no thought for there elders any more.’ He heaved a dry sob.

Al laughed hard, she knew Liz’s personality would start to shine through, hell Liz was usually the outgoing one of the two of them. She took no shit from anyone, but you didn’t know this till she got to know you, then watch out! Yeah the guys had no clue what they’d let themselves in for, she grinned wickedly.

‘Poor old Rich, can’t cope with two women, oh how the mighty have fallen.’

‘Fuck you Ally darlin!’

‘Nah you’re not my type Lurch! I’d strain my neck looking into the clouds sweetie!’

This sent everyone; expect the miffed looking Richie into laughter. Jon’s mom thought both women were just what her ‘sons’ needed! Boy would she like to be a fly on the wall when Jon told her about the children heading in, because from the way Jonny was talking in hushed tones, she guessed Ally didn’t know anything about the rest of the houseguests she was going to get!

Hell she might just fly in with them, now that’s an idea!


Opester said...

‘Poor old Rich, can’t cope with two women, oh how the mighty have fallen.’

‘Fuck you Ally darlin!’

‘Nah you’re not my type Lurch! I’d strain my neck looking into the clouds sweetie!’

Now that really made me chuckle! I loved that she called Richie Lurch! i haven't thought of Lurch in years and now i can't get him out of my head! Great dialog! Thanks for keeping me entertained!

Joviswoman said...

Glad you're entertained!

That's what writings supposed to do lol.

Gail x