Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Chapter 65

Liz couldn’t believe her friend, she’d just called Richie Sambora, Lurch! Freakin hell!

Out of the two of them, Al was the quiet one! Seems the world got turned on its head and gone into the Twilight Zone! Cause this sure wasn’t how Al normally acted! She was normally reserved, introverted, the other half of Liz’s soul. What the hell had these men done to her?

Liz had worked for Al since she’d opened the art gallery, they’d clicked the day she’d gone for the interview for manager. She’d got the job and a ‘sister’ out of the deal. They’d done things together over the years that neither would have had the courage to do alone.

Liz had been the one to push Al harder about her drawings and photography, telling her she should sell them. Al had laughed at her, but only at first! Al had put in a couple of her own works as a joke, with obnoxious over inflated prices on them. They’d sold within a day, Liz had crowed, Al had been gobsmacked!

Now they were sitting here and Al was mouthing off, wow things had change in just a couple of days!

‘So Lizzie?’ Liz glanced at Al and noticed a wicked glint in her eyes, crap now what? ‘I take it Jon got a good look at Tweety?’

Before Liz could answer Jon chimed in, ‘Now darlin Ally how could I miss Tweety, I covered that area many times.’ He waggled his eyebrows leeringly.

A chorus of ‘Where is it.’ Could be heard.’

‘Jesus Al why did you say that and Jon stop being a dick! And you pervs Tweety is on my shoulder blade! Grow the hell up.’ She laughed at the crestfallen male faces around her. If Al could treat them as just ‘men’ hell so could she!

‘Least she didn’t ask about the butterfly.’

‘Bastard!’ Liz said to Jon just before she smacked him in the face with a pillow and took off toward the kitchen.

He sat there with such a goofy look on his face, ‘Aw she loves me!’ He made kissy faces at her retreating back.

Liz didn’t even look to see if he watched her, she just flipped the bird behind her back and carried on walking.

Al thought he’d hit the nail on the head there. Liz had loved ‘Jon Bon Jovi’ for years, but she’d a sneaking suspicion Liz had fallen for ‘John’ the cheeky, hot and fun loving man and totally ignored the rock star bit of him. Well if she could.

‘Ok, who’s up for Chinese I’m starving?’

The local takeaway she’d used for years had never ever had anyone order so much food!

After the food was consumed, along with a few glasses of vino, it was nearly eleven. Tony and Mike left saying they’d be back early in the morning to pick them up for there flight over to Ireland. Liz jumped up and said she needed to go to, much to Jon’s disgust; she refused to budge about it. Mike suggested that Tony and he drop Liz off on their way to the hotel.

Liz and Ally laughed, it turned out Liz lived four houses down, and Jon perked up, told her he’d walk her to the door himself! Liz stuttered and started to say no, when David stepped in.

‘Lizzie honey, if you don’t let him he’ll be a bitch to fly with tomorrow cause he’d be a pissy shit! So, I’m begging you, for our sake, let him walk you home. He could use the exercise after all that food he’s eaten. He won’t fit into his spray on jeans if he continues to pig out.’ Dave grinned.

Jon flipped him off but mouthed ‘thanks’ behind Liz’s back, he owed Dave big-time!

Liz said ok, and kissed Al goodnight and started for the door, Jon stood waiting for her. Before she’d taken two steps, two strong arms snook around her waist, lifting her off the floor. She squealed in surprise when she found herself turned and coming face to face with Richie.

‘Now honey, you think you’re leaving without saying goodnight to us do ya?’ That was the only warning she had, he locked lips with her and kissed the shit out of her. Liz’s knees buckled and her mind went blank.

‘Dean, get the hell off her!’ Jon all but growled, jealousy shooting through his veins.

‘Sure Frank.’ Richie said after thoroughly making certain she knew he’d kissed her! Then he passed her to David, in turn to Hugh, Tony, even Mike got in on the act. She finally ended up back near Al who just laughed.

‘You alive there Lizzie?’ Al snickered, hell she knew exactly how Liz felt, been there, done that!

‘Barely.’ Came the whispered response, she went to turn, only to find Tico stood there, he winked at Al, took Liz firmly in his arms, dipped her and gently brushed a butterfly kiss on her lips, ‘Welcome to the family miel.’

Setting her upright, he pushed her towards the door and the waiting man. Jon took her firmly by the hand and led her out the door.

Mike and Tony waited a minute, kissed Al bye, saying they’d see her in the morning and left.

David, Richie and Hugh all made a big show of yawning loudly, kissed Al night, and headed up the stairs. Hugh into his room but David and Richie headed into Richie’s and his laptop, both wondering if Ally’s friends were on!

‘I suppose we’d better wait for Jon to come back seeing as he doesn’t have a key.’ Al said.

‘Why you think he’s coming back?’ Tico smirked; it’d be the first time ever if he did. Normally he gave a woman that mega watt smile and they’d fall at his feet. Mind you Liz was a lot like Ally, she might just shock the hell out of Jonny boy.

‘We’ll give him fifteen, then we go to bed.’ He wanted Al in his arms again, he felt complete with her there.

Al agreed, and they sat curled up around each other on the couch. Talking about this and that.

Ten minutes later a shell shocked looking Jon walked in. Tico burst out laughing, ‘Well, well, well looks like someone struck out!’

‘Fuck you asshole!’ was the automated response. But he had struck out and didn’t know how the hell it had happened! ‘She kissed me then went in! Told me I was cute! But even though we’d made love she wasn’t sleeping with me!!!’

Al couldn’t help it, she laughed, tears streaming down her face! Everytime she looked at Jon and the fallen look on his face, she went off again, crying with laughter till her sides ached and she was gasping for breath.

‘Jesus Blondie, she didn’t give in!’ Off she went again.

‘Teek, if you don’t shut her up, I might just kill her!’ He glowered at the crying woman, howling at his downfall by her friends hands, his lips twitched, no damn it he wanted to pout longer. Hell he’d asked Liz to go with them to Ireland, she’d turned him down, saying her boss wouldn’t let her. It was only as he walked into Al’s that he twigged that Al was the damn boss!!! Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Looking at Tico he finally gave in and started to laugh. What a woman! She’d turned him inside out, and then turned him down! Jon had never struck out before, his pride was slightly wounded. But this meant the chase and capture would be all the more sweet!

Bending down he kissed Al, ‘Night darlin, you English girls certainly know how to pique our interests.’ He winked at her.

‘Hey you’re just too damn used to blonde bimbos, with DD’s and nothing in the brain department! If you’d look over them thar hills you’d find plenty of interesting women state side!’

Jon winced, she was probably right, but he’d not dated anyone since the divorce, and with Liz, well when he’d opened the door it had took him all his strength to resist ravaging her on the doorstep!

‘Ok I’m heading up, need some rest tonight. Al you’re probably right, and if she gives me a chance Liz won’t regret it.’ With that he headed for the stairs.

‘Erm, Teek, did he just sort of admit that he wants to see where if leads with Liz?’ She was dumbfounded!

‘Sure would seem that way querido.’ Hell he was shocked, Jon didn’t dive head first into anything without analysing the hell out of it! This was a first.

He got up, held out his hands and hoisted Al up and into his arms, kissing her soundly, ‘Miel, as much as I’d love to ravish your body several times, I think we need just to go to bed and sleep.’ He held his breath praying she wouldn’t mind.

‘Oh thank God! You’ve about killed me, I’m not used to this much love making.’ She kissed him back and arm in arm they headed upstairs, to sleep!

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