Saturday, 14 June 2008

Chapter 69

Arriving in Ireland, it was wet, misty and a little cold.

Al smiled, remembering her tour of the bedroom of the jet. It had an enormous bed in the centre of the room. Deep blood red silk sheets, cream thick pile carpet. It was tastefully decorated with dark wood pieces, a chest of draws, bedside tables and two deep armchairs.

They’d stayed in there till May banged on the door. They mainly talked, but mostly Al being damn nosy and mooching through the drawers, while Tico laughed at her.

Before she went back out she’d mussed her hair and kissed Tico silly, running her fingers through his hair. They both wandered back to their seats looking like they’d done a whole lot more than talk! They got whistled and cat called at by the guys. As one, they both flipped the others off. As they touch down, laughter, Al thought could be heard on the tarmac!

They were bundled through the airport security and out into more cars. Al ended up next to Richie, who looped his arm around her neck and gave her one hot kiss on the lips. She pulled back his laughing eyes sparkling into hers. ‘So we ok now?’ He asked.

Her hand landed on his thigh and gently rubbed circles on it. ‘I suppose, but what about the threesome?’

He groaned, and David’s ears hit full alert, ‘Who’s having a threesome?’ He squeaked at the top of his lungs.

Jon, Hughie and Tony nearly got whiplash from their heads spinning off their shoulders, ‘What!’ all three yelped together.

‘Jesus David! Could you have said it any louder?’ Al growled at him.

Tico sat laughing, no sound coming out, tears running down his cheeks, he started to go red in the face. He wondered if anyone knew of this morning’s shenanigans, now they all did.

‘Fuck it!’ Was all that Richie said.

They laughed and ragged on Richie and Al all the way to the hotel.

Again they piled out of the cars and hustled to the check in desk.

Al’s phone rang, she smiled it was Joanne. ‘Hey sweetie, what’s up?’

‘Ah nothing doll, just wondered if we’d dreamt yesterday? Well?’

‘Sorry honey, it was all real.’

‘Well fuck! So you really are dating Tico and have the rest of the men staying at your place?’ Jo thought Al was a lucky bitch, but she loved her like a sister.

‘Huh, so I take it you’re talking to Richie then?’ Al thought about Jo, her Boston friend, she’d loved Richie forever, a real Darksider kinda girl.

‘Yeah, were the hell are ya? All I can hear is chaos near ya.’ Jo blushed; thinking about Richie, seeing him on the screen in front of her nearly gave her a heart attack! The man was just edible.

‘Checking into the hotel in Ireland looks like a get a few days vacation out of this.’ She chuckled as several fingers flipped her the bird.

‘Hot damn, you get to go to the concerts too?’ Jo really was jealous; she’d love to be a part of that crowd, just for a day to see what it felt like.

‘Nah I’m bored with the concerts I’m staying in and using the spa.’

‘Like fuck you are woman!’ Tico growled right next to her ear, making her jump, she didn’t realise how close he was. ‘You’re comin with darlin, and you don’t get a choice, you don’t go, I ain’t goin!’

‘Aw Ally will you please stop screwin with everyone’s brains! This, from an eye rolling Jon.

She snickered, ‘Sorrrrrry Blondie! And I was only saying it to Jo, and you overheard, no that’s not right, you eavesdropped and got what you deserve!’ she chuckled.

She heard a gasp from the other end of the phone, ‘Sweet fuck you call Jon, Blondie? Christ!’

Richie perked up and nearly fell over his own feet to get to Ally. ‘That’s Jo you got there honey?’ He battered his lashes.

Suddenly light dawned above Al’s head, ‘Erm Jo sweetie, seeing as it’s only just gone eight here, what the hell you doing up?’

Richie nudged her, and made those puppy eyes of his, she gave him the ‘talk to the hand’ movement. Jon snickered.

‘I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d ring ya’ll and see how you were holding up.’ Jo crossed her fingers and hope Al brought that, she soooo wanted the gossip. And if she was lucky to find out if Al had got some pics of Richie that she might send her so she could drool over!

Richie was now tugging at Al’s sleeve, turning the puppy eyes up to full melt. She rolled her eyes. ‘Wow JoJo that’s a whole lot of BS you’ve got going on there. But I’ll let it slide. Look can I hang up for a minute and phone you back. I’ve got a big ass bug needling the crap out of me and it won’t sod off!’

Jo said yes and Al snapped the phone too, Richie nearly fell over with the shock. ‘Damnit Ally what you do that for?’

‘Because that phone call was costing her an arm and a leg, and seeing as I can afford to phone her for longer I hung up on her.’ She could see his bottom lip quiver, hmmm looks like the KOS wasn’t used to not getting what he wanted. They all were a tad spoilt, women usually falling at their feet, doing what they were asked. Poor babies!

She flipped open her cell and hit speed dial, then she handed the phone to Richie, who looked like she was trying to pass him a live snake, ‘Oh for god’s sake Lurch take the damn thing and talk to her! That’s why I hung up, cause I know you’d be on the thing for a while. Don’t say I don’t love you.’ With that she pushed it into his hand, hearing Jo saying hello several times, and walked away.

Tico bear hugged her and kissed her gently, ‘This is why I love you luz di mi vida. You’re a warm and caring woman, and you’ll forever have my heart.’ They tenderly hugged one another and walked into check in, leaving Richie with a goofy smile on his face and talking ten to the dozen to Jo.

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I have read this story and love every minute of it. Please keep writing. I have not laughted this much in a long time.