Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Chapter 66

They walked up the stairs, just gently touching each other, they were tired but happy. Tico wondered what god’s he’d please when Al had fallen into his life, he’d like to thank then.

Reaching the top step they started to head for the room when they heard Jon talking and laughing at someone. Walking around the corner they could see he was stood in Richie’s doorway, ‘If Ally finds out you know you’re dead men? I don’t think I could replace you at such a late date, so try not to piss her off too much.’

Al grinned at Tico and quietly walked up to where Jon was, ‘If I find out what!’ Jon gasped and jumped turning to look at her.

‘Aw hell I’m gonna have to get you a bell woman!’

Sticking her head in the door she saw a guilty looking Richie and David, hastily closing a lap top. She frowned, they wouldn’t, would they? ‘Please tell me you aren’t messing with my friends again?’ She stood hands on hips.

‘Darlin I can honestly say we’re not messing with anyone.’ Hell Richie meant it, he wasn’t messing about trying to get Joanne to talk to him, he wanted her to talk to him, and David really wanted to talk to Sandy.

Al looked back and forth between them. She sighed oh bugger it she thought, she was too tired to cope with them. If she found out they had done something stupid, she’d deal with them both later. ‘I don’t believe you, but I’m going to bed. Night guys.’ She missed the jaws of the three men nearly hitting the floor with shock at her not drilling them.

Tico chuckled, and walked into the room behind her, ‘Miel, you are one wonderful woman, you know that don’t you.’ He walked up behind her and looped his arms around her waist, nuzzling into her neck, kissing her.

‘Querido if I want to be with you, I have to be to put up with their shit! Christ they wear me out and get on my last good nerve, and all I can think of is it’s only been a couple of days! What the hell’s it going to be after a few years?’

Tico turned her and slanted his lips over hers; kissing her deeply. He couldn’t believe she’d said that! She’d started to believe they could be together for years. A break through! Lifting his lips from hers he gave her a great bear hug, and laughed when she said she needed oxygen!

They got ready for bed, Al feeling weird that she was sharing her bathroom with him, and it felt like they’d been doing it all their lives! By the time she’d finished he was laying in bed, arms behind his head waiting for her.

Al nearly salivated at the sight of him, bear furry chest, rippling muscles of his arms and a dark smouldering look in his eyes. Damn, how were they just supposed to sleep???

She crawled into bed and snuggled up to him, receiving a deep and thorough kiss from him. Tico thought she looked damn hot in those shorty shorts and top, but even though his flesh was screaming its willingness, the rest of his body was telling it the shut the hell up!

They settled down in one another’s arms and within minutes fast asleep. But both had grins on their faces!

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Opester said...

‘Aw hell I’m gonna have to get you a bell woman!’

Damn, that was too funny-such a great line! You are the queen of the one liners, let me tell you! I wish I was half as witty as you are!