Thursday, 19 June 2008

Chapter 75

He didn’t let go of her and dragged her out of the lift and into their suite with her feet barely touching the carpet. He pulled her inside, and had her up against the door kissing her, running his hands all over her, still trying to assure himself she was back. They lost themselves in each others kisses and caresses.

Their hands fumbling at their clothes they quickly stripped each other, hardly any space between them, not wanting to be away from the others warmth. He hitched her up and she locked her legs around his waist, then he pulled her down hard onto his swollen shaft. She screamed with total pleasure feeling him buried in her. He turned and walked to the bed being careful not to break the intimate contact.

Lowering them to the bed, he began to set a punishing pace, slamming into her, pushing them high and fast, sweat pooling on them. No words were spoken; all that could be heard was the sighs and groans of two people trying to make themselves into one body.

They hit the peak together shouting out their completion, coming down from a great height, curling into one another’s heat. Kissing gently and whispering their love for each other.

Then slipping from the bed and showering together, drying each other off, never being more than a few steps away from the other. They dressed and headed for the door, back out into the world, leaving their warm cocoon.

The others were waiting for them in the car, no one said a word about the way they were acting, they understood the thought that he could have lost her.

Richie had spent precious minutes on the phone talking to Jo, Jon had rung Liz, telling her he couldn’t wait till they were back at Ally’s and he could see her again. Both women wondered what had brought the calls on, but just enjoyed these men talking to them in hushed voices, husky with some emotion.

That night’s concert was in Al’s words, awesome! The men took their feelings for what happened and poured it into their music. Making every note sweeter than they’d ever been!

Unknown to Ally, they’d decided to BOR’s again, but with a slight twist, one none of the guys remembered ever doing before and praying it would work. When it started up, Richie, Jon, David and Hugh started to play, the place went mad, then people realised that they were playing a different version, no drums. When it got to the part where Jon might pick a woman to dance with, Tico pulled Al from the shadows of the stage and he slowly danced her around.

The place erupted. Al was just totally in awe, but she just snuggled into Tico’s neck and let the music take her.

At the end he took her back to the wings, kissed her hand and bowed low to her, she was certain she heard every female in the place sigh.

The night was one that neither the boys nor the fans would ever forget.

Tico and Al bowed out of the after party and headed back to their suite. But not before Jon, Richie, David, Hugh, Tony and Mike all kissed and hugged her again.

That night they made love many times, sometimes slow, other times hard and fast, but always with love. They fell into a deep sleep locked in each others arms.

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