Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Chapter 68

The flight, Al still didn’t believe it, was in the Jovi plane. She’d gawped like a teenager touching things, trying out each seat to find the one she like the best, pissing Jon of because it was his seat. He told her to move, she looked haughtily down her nose and told him if he’d asked she would have done, now he could swivel! You could have heard a pin drop, everyone holding their breaths, both combatants not backing down.

‘Well shit! Next time I’d better ask.’ With a grin he dropped into the seat next to her lent over and kissed her cheek, whispering in her ear, ‘They normally give without question, otherwise I’m a pissy bitch.’

Al laughed out loud, and Jon slung his arm about her shoulders, hugging her to him. He honestly loved this woman; she was a wonderful foil for the laid back, read horizontal Teek! He looked up and realised everyone was still looking at him, jaws nearly on the floor. ‘Hey I’m not stupid, she carved your asses up, and I’m just making sure my balls stay firmly where they should be.’

May, their stewardess cracked up laughing and shook hands with Al, welcoming her on board, telling her it was nice to see another female who didn’t bow to the Bongiovi charms. She shooed the others into seats, like a drill sergeant! A whining Tico was forced to sit opposite Al, as Jon said it was about time she showed some good taste. Teek flicked him the bird.

Richie made sure he sat away from Teek and Ally. She kept looking over her shoulder and winking or blowing him a kiss. At one point she gave him such a lust filled look he took off for the bathroom to calm down. He’d heard Teek’s laughter when he’d shot out the room back at Ally’s, but fuck she’d given him a hard on, and he was embarrassed about it.

Jon told Al that May had been the first stewardess they’d ever had. She’d not been bothered by all the mouthy young things, the sexual innuendos thrown her way. She’d taken so much shit off them. Then on one flight, Richie had propositioned her. She slapped him so hard, she knocked a tooth loose. She picked up the intercom and told them to ‘sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up and listen!’ They had. She told them if they continued to treat her like shit and part of the in-flight entertainment, one day at 40/50,000 feet she’d open the fucking door and hang on! Or she’d put a laxative in their food. Their choice! From that day she’d always been with them, she was now an older sister/aunt to them.

‘Hey May?’

‘Yes Ally honey?’

‘Would you have put laxative in their food?’

‘Nah.’ The boys laughed at her, ‘I’d have put it in their last drink on board, that way I wouldn’t have had to deal, literally, with their shit!.’ With a grin and a swish of her hips she sashayed back into the galley. Leaving Al laughing, and the boys thanking god they’d never pushed her that far.

The short hop was uneventful, the men regaling Ally of some of the more ‘take to the grave’ secrets, and just some down right nasty things they’d done to each other over the years. Her sides hurt from laughing.

‘Hey Ally, Teek hasn’t shown you the best bit of the plane yet!’ Richie piped up in a wicked down and dirty honeyed voice that Al knew meant trouble or teasing.

‘And Lurch, where would that be?’ Glancing over her shoulder, she smiled coquettishly at him.

Rich could feel the heat rising under his collar. He just couldn’t stop putting his foot in it and keep his mouth closed! Clearing his throat he answered her, deciding to hell with it, so she’d given him a stiffy, ‘Why darlin, I mean the bedroom.’ He grinned at her, blowing her a kiss back.

Al frowned, he’d finally hit back, well damn, that didn’t last long. Then she coloured as his words sunk in, ‘Seriously, there’s a bedroom.’ Then she coloured some more as the thought of the mile high club flew fleetingly through her mind.

‘I’ll show you!’ Shit Richie was definitely over his snit!!

‘Bro, I swear, you take one step towards that room with Ally and I’ll make you wish you were in the Sopranos, not real life.’ Tico’s chest puffed out and he snarled at Richie.

Richie cackled, sat down holding his hands up in surrender.

‘Darlin let me show you the bedroom.’ Tico leered at her, waggling his eyebrows, pulling her up and out from under Jon’s arm.

From the galley they heard May shout, ‘Landing in ten minutes hot stuff!’ He all but dragged Al to the back room.


Opester said...

Glad Richie got past his intimidation! Loved Jon's comment too about his balls and it's good to know there is another woman around who can give shit back too! Hehehe

Anonymous said...

Just found this & loving it have been laughing so much that I can't read for tears sometimes can't wait for next chapter.

Joviswoman said...

Glad you're liking it!

And laughter is why I write it lol.

Gail x