Monday, 16 June 2008

Chapter 73

Jon was worried; Mike wouldn’t have stayed away this long on purpose. Something must have happened. He phone Tony, telling him his fears, he couldn’t say them to the others, they already wanted to smack someone, and he wasn’t volunteering! He told Tony to be prepared for the eventuality they may have to cancel the show. Tony told him he’d have it all ready just in case, and for fuck sake let him know if they turned up, he liked Ally.

Tico was pacing, swearing and trying the damn cell every five minutes, nada! ‘¡Juro! ¡Si ella se vuelve a mí que nunca la estoy dejando fuera de mi vista otra vez!’ (I swear! If she comes back to me I'm never letting her out of my sight again!)

‘English Teek, English!’ Richie said, they didn’t need him going off in Spanish and no one knowing what the hell he was on about.

Whipping around on Richie he growled, ‘Leave me the fuck alone!’

‘Whoa bro, we know your upset, but don’t take it out on us! She’s fine, I guarantee she’ll walk in here and wonder what the hell’s going on.’ David threw his arm over Tico’s shoulders and hugged him.

‘I’m sorry Rich, it’s just I’ve found her and now well ….’ He trailed off trying not to think of what might be.

‘Hey its cool bro, it’s cool.’ Richie hadn’t prayed in many a year, but he was talking to god like he was his best friend, asking him to please send Ally back in one piece.

The room phone rang, Jon raced over and snatched it up, and he listened for a minute, ‘Thank fuck!’ And put the receiver down very carefully.

‘What?’ his three brothers nearly screamed as one.

‘She’s in the lobby.’ That was all that he got out as Tico, quickly followed by Richie, and David took off at a break neck speed, ‘Wait the fuck for me.’ He yelled and took off after them, a big relieved grin on his face!

None of them waited for the lift, and took the stairs nearly flying down them.

They hit the lobby shooting through the door, then all coming to a grinding halt taking in the sight before them, Al helping a limping Mike heading towards the lift. Richie slipped out a ‘Thank you God.’ The others nearly amended him but refrained.

Al finally looked up and saw the guys standing there, just staring at her and Mike. He stiffened when he saw his boss, he saw the looks of relief and knew in a flash what they’d thought, shit if he had a job after this he’d be lucky to be picking up trash!

‘Hey guys sorry we’re late, my fault!’ And smiled at them, then it turned into a frown when they continued to look at her.


Tico stepped forward.

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